🔴 AMONG US Live Stream (Mobile) Playing Customs with Viewers 😏 (iOS/Android/PC Crossplay Gameplay)

Foi divulgado através do canal do youtube Rubicundo o vídeo “🔴 AMONG US Live Stream (Mobile) Playing Customs with Viewers 😏 (iOS/Android/PC Crossplay Gameplay)”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo Rubicundo: “AMONG US Live Stream (Mobile) | Playing Customs with Viewers | Impostor Funny Moments, Tips \u0026 Tricks | How to Play Among Us? (iOS/Android/PC Crossplay Gameplay | iPad Pro 2020) | Among Us Custom Games, Server, Settings, Map \u0026 Skins ― You can use Code ➡ Rubicundo ⬅ in the Fortnite item shop \u0026 in the Epic Games store if you want to Support Rubi (not in Among Us yet 😏)\n\nOh, Hello broski. ☺\nLeave a Like 👍🏼 if you enjoyed the stream and if you Subscribe 💚\nyou can also click the 🔔 Bell 🔔 to join my Notification Squad!\n\nWatch the first ever Among Us episode in the Broski Squad series, you gonna love it Broski – https://youtu.be/DDhTnKy3ox8\n\nYou can also follow me on:\nTwitter 🐥 – https://twitter.com/rubicundo_\nInstagram 📷 – https://www.instagram.com/rubicundo_/\nTwitch 🎮 – https://www.twitch.tv/rubicundo\nDiscord 👾 – Rubicundo#7561\n\n❓Rubi, how can i become a sneaky green Broski Member?❓\nOption 1. Use this link – https://www.youtube.com/c/Rubicundo_YT/join\nOption 2. Tap the ➡ Join ⬅ button that you can find next to the Subscribe button on the Channel.\nOption 3. When i’m live streaming, tap the 💲dollar💲 sign within the live chat next to the emoji button (down below) and then select \”Join\”.\n(The more Broski Members we get, the more Broski emojis i can upload) 😎\n\n❓Rubi, how can i donate to support my favourite streamer ever!?!?❓\nYou can use Super Chat (Highlighted message) or Super Sticker (Animated emoji) 😏\n1. Tap the 💲dollar💲 sign within the live chat next to the emoji button (down below).\n2. Select send a Super Chat or Super Sticker.\n3. To select the 💲 amount either drag the slider or type your desired value.\n4. If you chose Super Chat you can type in a message (Optional \u0026 Recommended)\n5. Select buy and send.\n6. To finish your purchase, follow the instructions.\n(Remember broski, Super Chat and Super stickers are non-refundable)\n\n❓Rubi, do you have a Support-A-Creator code in Fortnite?❓\nYes Broski! My Creator code is ➡ Rubicundo ⬅, you can use it in the Fortnite item shop or in the Epic Games store 😏 (When you use my Creator Code you are supporting me financially for free as i will earn a portion of that sale)\n\n❓How do i live stream Among Us Mobile?❓\nI use an app called AirServer on my MacBook to mirror the iPad screen to the computer, then OBS Studio to put the overlay together and to stream everything directly to youtube.\n(AirServer is a paid app but you can use 5kPlayer or Quicktime player, both are free and do exactly the same, while OBS is FREE for Mac and windows. The overlay was made by myself using Adobe Photoshop).\n\n❓What device do i use to play Among Us?❓\nI currently play Among Us with an iPad Pro 2020, before i used to play with an iPad 2017 (5th Generation).\n\n❓What is my streaming setup besides the iPad?❓\nI stream with a MacBook Pro 15\” retina display mid 2014 \u0026 Incase Sonic Headphones (With an integrated Mic).\n\n❓How do i make my youtube thumbnails?❓\nI use Adobe Photoshop.\n\n❓How do i edit my youtube videos?❓\nI use Adobe Premiere Pro.\n\n❓Rubi, What are the best Among Us Settings?❓\nIdk yet broski, let’s find out! :)\n\n❓Rubi, why don’t you stream with a handcam or facecam?❓\nI don’t have a Camera broski.\n\n❓Rubi, do you have a Among Us Clan / Team?❓\nYes! It is called the Broski Squad. 😎 \n\n❓Rubi, are you playing Among Us with viewers?❓\nYessir, i play with the Broski Squad (Chat) all the time!\n\n❓Rubi, do you wanna be a Among Us Pro Player?❓\nNope, i am made of Bot material and i’m proud! 😏\n\n❓Rubi, can i Play?❓\nYes.\n\n#AmongUs #AmongUsMobile #BroskiSquad #AmongUsLive #AmongUsMobileLive”

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