A Alguns minutos foi publicado pelo canal HARGUNEET YT o vídeo “🔴PUBG MOBILE AND AMONG US LIVE | FREE FIRE SERVERS DOWN | PAYTM/GPAY Donations On Screen!”.

De acordo com o canal HARGUNEET YT: “Click on Join button and be a privileged member on your channel!\nDirect – https://bit.ly/33yxbTW\nGoogle Pay – https://harguneetyt.thats.im/membershipGooglePay.html\n\nPubg live | play Like Dynamo Gaming Live, Ron Gaming Live, Mortal live. Pubg live by Harguneet YT. \npubg mobile season 15\nhere you can watch pubg mobile gameplay strategy. you guys can enjoy our pubg mobile live stream.\n\nPUBG MOBILE live stream by Harguneet YT. This is a gaming Chanel, here we play Pubg, MTA San Andreas, and many more games. WE NEED SUPPORT FOR PUBG MOBILE . SUBSCRIBE US.\n\nSupport the stream: https://streamlabs.com/harguneetsingh1 \nShow Your Love \u0026 Support. Don’t Forget To Subscribe 💓💓💓\nThank you so much for your Love \u0026 Support 💓💓💓\n\n🔴 Get in Touch\n\n 📷 Instagram • https://instagram.com/harguneetyt\n 🧿 Discord • https://discord.gg/z4XBUqv\n 👍🏻 Facebook • https://facebook.com/singhharguneet\n\n🔴 Every Tip Is Acknowledge 🙏 \n\n💲 PayTM Donation – 76961-13628\n💲 PhonePe Donation – 76961-13628\n\n(•Donation Money will not be refunded•)\n\n🔴 Rules of chat 🔴\n\n►No Trash Talking For other You-tubers/Streamers.\n►No Spam, Self Promotion or Promoting Others\n►No Racism/Profanity, Treat Each Other Humbly. \n►No discussion on Politics.\n►Respect Moderators. \n►Do not ask why got timed out. \n►Do not ask for a moderator role.\n\nmortal live, carry,dynamo gaming, kronten gaming, ron gaming, \n\nThis is a game that we playing, it is not related to real life and reality.🙏🙏\n\npubg live\npubg mobile live\npubg mobile live stream\npubg live stream\nlive pubg mobile\npubg pc live\nlive stream pubg\nlive pubg mobile stream\npubg mobile dynamo\npabji game live\nlive streaming pubg\npubg uc live\nlive insaan\npubg live punjabi\npubg live hindi\npubg live dynamo\npubg live Gabbar YT\ndynamo gaming,\ndynamo gaming live,\nRon gaming live,\nmortal live,\nhydra dynamo,\nron gaming,\nmortal gaming live,\ndynamo,\ndynamo live,\npubg live dynamo,\n\n#amonguslive #pubgmlive #freefirelive”

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