#1 on Apex Nobody on Fortnite

A Alguns minutos foi postado no canal do youtube XpLaZ Tv o vídeo “#1 on Apex Nobody on Fortnite”.

De acordo com o que foi publicado pelo canal XpLaZ Tv: “THE REAL #1 OCT (Google XpLaZ) ADV Look Controls / Max Sens / Linear Response / Paddle Master / Gawd Squad \n\nHit #1 as OCTANE on ALL PLATFORMS for Full Squad Wins, S2 wins, Finishers, Shotgun Kills, LMG Kills, \nCare Package Weapon Kills, Revives, Stim Distance, Allies Launched from Jump Pad, Passive Health Regenerated, \nand Times Top 3!\n\nALSO was top 7 for highest level in the world! \n\n\nBest Weapons and Legend Skins \u0026 Charms \nMy teammates are also the best of the best! \nHYPER AGGRESSIVE FULL SENDS ONLY! \n \n THE MOST AGRESSIVE APEX PLAYER \n\nI used to play for the win, but I’m already #1 for it so I play for the style points and clips now \n\nOVER 7000 HRS STREAM EXPERIENCE!\nPlease smash that follow!\nNew to FB any tips are appreciated please! \n\nDealing with a lot of drama irl so plz b chill \n\nPowered by Restream https://restream.io/”

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