1000+ free coins, MU & Arsenal CS, IM, POTW | All New Rewards in PES 21 Mobile

A Pouco tempo foi divulgado através do canal AlexND o vídeo “1000+ free coins, MU & Arsenal CS, IM, POTW | All New Rewards in PES 21 Mobile”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal AlexND: “Free coins as a maintenance compensation, Management Skills Boost and Player skills boosts as rewards in online El Clasico event, new Club Selection players from Arsenal and Manchester United (with their max ratings), free tries in Iconic Moment pack featuring Barcelona legends Ronaldinho, Deco and Puyol, POTW with Ibrahimovic, and much more in this update video.\n\n⚽️ Join the Legends Club! Become a channel member here: https://youtube.com/AlexND/join\n\nMore from Konami: eFootball PES 2021 Mobile – Launch Login Campaign\nLet’s celebrate the update to PES 2021 mobile with a login campaign!\n\nLogin Campaign\nLog in each day during the campaign to get a different bonus! Log in every day, and at the end of the campaign you’ll have earned a total of 3 \”Iconic Moment: FC BARCELONA\” Special Agents as well as 600 myClub Coins.\nMake the most of these bonuses and start off the new season strong!\n\nCampaign Period\n10/22/2020 00:00 – 10/28/2020 23:59 (UTC)\n*Login bonuses refresh every day at 00:00 (UTC).\n*You can only receive 1 login bonus per day during the campaign period.\n*Special Agents obtained through this campaign expire at 23:59 on 10/28/2020 (UTC).\n\nLogin Campaign Bonuses\nLogin 1: \”Iconic Moment: FC BARCELONA\” Special Agent x3\nLogin 2: 100 myClub Coins\nLogin 3: 100 myClub Coins\nLogin 4: 100 myClub Coins\nLogin 5: 100 myClub Coins\nLogin 6: 100 myClub Coins\nLogin 7: 100 myClub Coins\n\nSpecial Trainers Galore in Tour Events!\nFor a limited time only, earn double the number of Special Trainers from Tour Events!\nSee each event’s notice for further details.\n\nThis video is for PES 2021 or PES 21 Mobile, but can also be relevant for Android / iPhone or PES 2022 Mobile.\n\nA special shout-out to the tier 2 ‘Iconic’ and tier 3 ‘GOAT’ Legends Club members: Fabio, Suryansh Sharma, Kushal Guha Bakshi. Thank you for the support!\n\nBest ways how to get free coins in PES Mobile: https://youtu.be/5RhCi8tcsXs\n5 Best Ways to get GP in PES Mobile: https://youtu.be/cmA56_Ptft4\nBest Black Ball and Iconic Moment Legends tricks in PES Mobile (How to get your favorite players in pack opening 100%): https://youtu.be/UxdiV7CyaG8\n5 Most Effective skills \u0026 tricks in PES Mobile | TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/0eEU182nl90\nPlayer Reviews in PES Mobile: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8NxWSRbRp7ZajB4evlR5Vxg4y07eY7M0\nManager reviews in PES Mobile: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8NxWSRbRp7b4GNyHQZhnydZs-RMgAMwr\nHow to win online in PES Mobile (Skills, Scoring, Attacking and Defending tips and tricks): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8NxWSRbRp7ZoBkfpltQaWYPKyiXijIpB\n\n☠ Subscribe N’ Dominate with #AlexND. \nI play #PES21 or #PESMobile on iPad Mini 5 Gen.”

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