All GTA 5 Cheats/Hacks – Xbox One – Xbox 360 – PS4 – PS3 – PC – Dial Pad Numbers – No. 1 Best Cheats

Foi publicado pelo canal do youtube Apple Karate o vídeo “All GTA 5 Cheats/Hacks – Xbox One – Xbox 360 – PS4 – PS3 – PC – Dial Pad Numbers – No. 1 Best Cheats”.

Segundo o canal Apple Karate: “I hope this video helped you out if you just wanted a bit of fun and change of GTA 5!\n\n🎮Join my Discord!🎮\n\n\nFollow my Instagram!\n\n\nFeel free to subscribe 👊\n\nDon’t forget to leave a like 👍\n\nComment \u0026 share 🙏\n\nIf this video gets 20 likes I will do something similar!\n\nI could not fit the whole list of all the cheats and the steps to get them so instead I will add a Pinned Comment.\n\n***Timestamps***\n\nSkip Into/Key Information – 01:57\n\n*22 Normal Cheats* – 01:57\n\nRaise Wanted Level (Increase wanted level) – 02:04\n\nLower Wanted Level (Reduce wanted level) – 02:12\n\nMax Health and Armor (Gives you maximum health and armour) – 02:19\n\nInvincibility (Last 5 minutes) (Five minutes of invulnerability/taking no damage) – 02:26\n\nRecharge Special Ability (Refill a character’s special meter) – 02:34\n\nDrunk Mode (Makes your screen wavy as if you’re drunk and driving will cause you to bump into cars) – 02:41\n\nFast Run (Increase running speed) – 02:48\n\nFast Swim (Increase swimming speed) – 02:56\n\nSuper Jump (Hold jump to go higher) (Allows you to jump higher) – 03:03\n\nExplosive Melee Attacks (Melee weapons deal explosive damage) (Melee means close range weapons e.g. Fist or Knife) – 03:10\n\nBang Bang (Explosive bullets) (Bullets explode on impact) – 03:17\n\nFlaming Bullets (Bullets deal fire damage) – 03:25\n\nGive All Weapons and Extra Ammo (Add extra weapons and ammo) (Do this multiple times to get more weapons and more ammo) – 03:32\n\nSlow Motion Aim (Cycle through 3 levels) (Reduce game speed while aiming) (Allows more time to shoot) – 03:43\n\nGive Parachute (Add a parachute to inventory) – 03:51\n\nSkyfall (Get dropped from high altitude) (Drops/spawns a player from the sky) – 03:57\n\nMoon Gravity (Reduce world gravity as if you were on the moon) 04:04\n\nSlow Motion (Cycle through 3 levels) (Reduce game speed) (repeat code to cycle through 3 levels) – 04:11\n\nChange Weather (Cycle through various options) (Changes the weather) (repeat code to cycle through various options) – 04:18\n\nSlidey Cars (Makes cars slippery) – 04:25\n\n*PC ONLY* – 04:32\n\nAccess Director Mode – 04:39\n\nBlack Cellphones (may cause explosions and other effects) – 04:45\n\n*14 Vehicle Spawn Cheats* – 04:52\n\nSpawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter – 04:58\n\nSpawn Stunt Plane – 05:05\n\nSpawn Duster Crop Plane – 05:12\n\nSpawn Comet Sports Car – 05:19\n\nSpawn Rapid GT Sports Car – 05:27\n\nSpawn Limo – 05:34\n\nSpawn Trashmaster – 05:40\n\nSpawn Caddy Golf Cart – 05:47\n\nSpawn Sanchez Dirt Bike – 05:54\n\nSpawn PCJ Motorbike – 06:01\n\nSpawn BMX Bike – 06:08\n\n*PC ONLY* – 06:15\n\nSpawn Dodo Seaplane (Need to unlock vehicle first – GTA 5 Dodo seaplane unlock and location) – 06:21\n\nSpawn Kraken Sub (Need to unlock vehicle first – GTA 5 Wildlife Photography Challenge guide) – 06:28\n\nSpawn Duke O’Death (Need to unlock vehicle first – GTA 5 Duke O’Death unlock and location) – 06:35\n\n\nConsider subscribing to help me get 1000 subscribers!\n\nThank you for watching!”

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