Among Us is Taking Over My Body…

Foi divulgado no canal do youtube HappyCairek o vídeo “Among Us is Taking Over My Body…”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal HappyCairek: “Welcome to Among Us live stream.\nMy real name is Darius, I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Lithuania. Currently located in France.\n\nSCUM Ep 1:\n\nYou can support the channel:\n✔️ Consider becoming a YouTube Sponsor on this channel.\n (Join button)\n✔️ MERCH\n\n✔️ DONATION\n\n\nYou can Find me Here:\n✔️ DISCORD LINK\n\n✔️INSTAGRAM @HappyCairek\n✔️ My TWITTER @HappyCairek\n✔️ My TWITCH\n\n\n💻 COMPUTER SPECS:\n- RTX 2070 Super\n- Intel Core i7 8700K\n- 16GB DDR4 RAM\n- SSD 2TB\n- Dual monitor setup\n- Canon M6 Mark II\n- Microphone Shure SM7B\n\nGet Among Us on steam:\n\nIntro music:\nEnter the Party by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\nSource:\nArtist:\n\n#live #gaming”

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