Among Us Live Stream India [Hindi] #AmongUsIndia

Poucos minutos atrás foi veiculado no canal do youtube Miss Crazy Bot o vídeo “Among Us Live Stream India [Hindi] #AmongUsIndia”.

De acordo com o canal Miss Crazy Bot: “#AmongUsLive #AmongUs\n\n\nYooo hello there and welcome back to another mobile stream of MISS CRAZY BOT®.I hope you enjoy my stream and if you like the stream than donn’t forgot to hit the like and subscribe button (^•^)\n\n=======================\nPubg mobile ingame information\n=======================\nCharacter ID=5128847094\n\nIngame name=RBxMissBotYT\n\n4 Finger claw with gyro(scope on)\n\nSeason 12 conqueror DUO\n\nREDBULL Clan Leader\n===================\n\n •((Rules of live chat))•\n\n•Respect Streamer and Moderator otherwise result in timeout/hide\n•No spam,self promotion or promoting others\n•No racism/profanity,Treat each other humbly\n•No trash talk about other Youtuber\n•No discussion on politics\n•Donn’t let anyone spoil your fun in chat,help moderator in keeping the chat clean by reporting spammers/abusive trollers\n•Donn’t ask for joining Clan,its invited only…\n==================================\n\n ——————\n DEVICE SPECS\n\n•MOBILE=Iphone XR 128gb blue\n•Headphone=Hyperx cloud stinger gaming headphone\n•Read live chat on Redmi note 7 pro\n•Internet=Net speed is 100 mbps download and 10 mbps upload\n\n ===============\n Nightbot commands\n ================\n\n!About\n!age\n!device\n!Specs\n!discord\n!insta\n!paytm\n!GameSpecific\n\n ============\n Social Networks\n ============\n\n•Discord:-\nInstagram – Misscrazybot\n[Join discord to intract with Streamer and to participate in tournaments]\n\n Thank you”

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