Apex Legends Best Console Settings (Aim like Shroud)

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These are the best apex legends console settings that you will find on YouTube. These settings will have you aiming like Shroud himself. Best settings for apex legends ps4 and xbox. These are apex legends best console settings. This video will also teach you how to aim better on console apex legends and how to aim better on console apex legends season 2. Improve accuracy on console apex legends season 2.

I go through apex legends best console settings for xbox and ps4 in this video in depth. There are many settings that need to be changed in order to get the most out of your Apex Legends experience. If you watch until the end of this video you will know all the tips and tricks on which settings on apex legends are the best to use for console.

I play on Xbox One, but these settings will obviously carry over to ps4 as well since they are the same settings on both consoles. The best console settings for apex legends just takes some getting used to. You may need to tweak some of the settings as they are personal preference.

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damage feedback usually just keep that
with the X with the shield icon shows an
X on the crosshair with an icon
indicating shield level yes we’re gonna
want that on damage numbers is
preference okay some people like it off
what the some people like it off
some people like it stacking I usually
keep it on both which is stacking and
floating so that just shows combined
numbers and each certain number that you
hit like it’ll show each bullet and all
of them combined at the same time they
should have one where it just adds them
up for you you know what I mean like I
feel like that would be useful anyways
ping opacity just keep that default
because you always want to know where
your pings are going obituaries ah this
is really does nothing at all you can
keep that on or off meaning a mini-map
rotation will rotate to the match
direction you’re facing
now I keep that off so you always know
which way the enemy is firing so it
doesn’t turn when you’re when you’re
returning your body I don’t really think
that that would be very useful like turn
it with you to D on the incoming damage
feedback screen remote I just got off
for now you should sharing enabled what
does that do yeah yeah whatever I’m not
really worried about that colorblind
I wouldn’t use colorblind guys because I
don’t really believe it does anything
unless you actually are colorblind I
think it’ll hurt you more than it will
save you in this game I’m like fortnight
you know how you could see like out of
the storm and stuff I don’t think that
works in this so we’re just gonna keep
that off subtitles off subtitle sighs
off obviously it’s not gonna matter cuz
it’s off and just leave these both off
on the bottom all right now the
controller settings is what you guys
really want okay my button layout is
just default I don’t use any crazy
button layout stick layout default okay
you don’t want it on southpaw
legacy southpaw so you’re moving with
your right stick going up in the air
that would make no sense at all
okay interact reload I’d use tap because
it takes way too long to hold to use
yeah I would not do that Crouch button
on hold
not toggle and this is how you see me
bunny sliding some of the times this is
how to bunny site on console you’re
gonna have to have that on hold
I’ll do up I’m sure everybody knows how
to bunny hop on console by now but if
you guys want another little tutorial on
that I can do a quick one aim button I
got on hold I don’t know why I’d have
that on toggle unless you’re playing pub
G trigger dead zones this is a big one
guys I covered this very shortly in
another video okay if you have the
trigger dead zones on Macs right and
mine are on none right when I hit my
triggers the gun will fire but for you
when you hit the triggers it’ll take
about one to two seconds to actually
fire your weapon you definitely don’t
want that you definitely want that
on none that will be the best option for
you so there is no delay.”

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