Hoje foi publicado através do canal do youtube Croper Crape o vídeo “ARSENAL 1V1 WITH SUBSCRIBER – ROBLOX LIVE STREAM – ROBUX GIVEAWAY CROPER CRAPE”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo canal Croper Crape: “🆆🅴🅻 🅲🅾🅼🅴 🆃🅾 🅻🅸🆅🅴 🆂🆃🆁🅴🅰🅼\nDONATION WILL SKIP QUEUE FOR 1V1 SUPERCHAT OR THIS LINK \n➔\n\nTomorrow live stream :\ \n—————–\n▰ROBLOX▰\nTO PLAY GAME LIKE➔SUBSCRIBE➔JOIN GROUP➔ CLICK SEVER\n💬 JOIN MY ROBLOX GROUP \nPrestonluse’s fan club ➔\nMY PROFILE : ➔\n—————————————–\n1V1 SERVER ➔\n——————————————\n\n💚 BECOME A MEMBER ➔\n💰 DONATE HERE➔\n NON- REFUNDABLE \n❤️ HELP ME REACH MY SUB GOAL ➔\n🔔 Click the BELL and turn on ALL NOTIFICATIONS!\n—————————————————-\n💙 FOLLOW ME 💙\nDiscord ➔\nTwitter ➔\nFacebook➔\nWEBSITE:\n—————————————————–\n—————————————————–\nFANS CAN SENT 🅶🅸🅵🆃 : \nOR ANY OFFICIAL ENQUIRY :\nEMAIL MANAGER \[email protected]\n—————————————————\n— HOW DO I ENTER TO THE GIVEAWAY—\nSUB TO CHANNEL – JOIN MY GROUP – KEEP TRACK ON STREAM.\n$10 ROBUX GIFT CARD 1000 SUBS\n3 FRIENDS GETS EVERY 100 SUBS\n3 FRIENDS GETS ENDS STREAM \n—————————————————-\nOur August Update is here and it’s great!\n🎸 RADIO STATIONS! \n🎧 Listen to your music anywhere! Press R! \n🔦 HELI LIGHT UPGRADE! \n🔥 BLADE Air Vehicle\nEnjoy the update! ❤️\n——————————————————-\n🚫Rules for Live stream/Chat:🚫\n1. Be nice (no harassing/bullying)\n2. No bad language, profanity or inappropriate remarks\n3. No trolling \n4. Please don’t ask for mod, robux, etc…\n5. No spamming chat please\n6 (failure to comply results in timeout then if continued, \na ban. If any remarks or communications deemed too offensive, \nchannel ban is immediate.)\n——————————————————-\n💻 PC Specs ➤ \nCPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600\nGPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Super\nRAM: G.Skill Aegis Kit 16GB, DDR4-3000\nMOTHERBOARD: MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX\nCPU Cooler: AMD Wraith Stealth (Stock) \nMONITOR: SAMSUNG CURVE 24 144HZ\nYoutube: Streaming with OBS and STREAMLABS \n———————————————————\n#Roblox #jailbreak #cropercrape #arsenal\n———————————————————\nJAILBREAK LIVE STREAM \njailbreak live stream roblox\nlive roblox adopt me\nroblox jailbreak live stream now vip server \nroblox jailbreak live stream nuke\njailbreak live event trailer\narsenal live stream vip server \narsenal live stream 1v1\narsenal live stream sniping\nROBLUX GIVEAWAY\n1V1 VIP SERVER \nPLAY 1V1 WITH YOUTUBE\npiggy 100 \npiggy build mode\n———–\nTHANKS RAIDERS WHO RAID ON MY CHANNEL:\nMyUsernamesThis \nCaptainJackAttack\nBigDadT\nTheOfficial Fuzion \nMiagaming \n\nHOPE YOU ENJOY \nLIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE”

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