A Pouco tempo foi veiculado pelo canal Rappi Do ML o vídeo “BIG UPDATES! New Lanes, 10 Heroes Ban | IN MOBILE LEGENDS”.

Segundo o canal Rappi Do ML: “If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel and click the bell button so you won’t miss any of my uploads!❤\n\n\nCredits to Owners❤\[email protected]\[email protected]\n\n\n\nPS: I am Filipino and not fluent in english so bear with me. 😁 \n\nHow to Join Giveaway?\n1. Like this video and share\n2. Subscribe and on the notification bell, be my solid subscriber.\n3. Comment about this video including your IGN, ID number, Skin.\n\nIf we reach 1K subscribers guys i’ll promise i will do a skin giveaway, Thank you guys keep supporting!❤\n\n\n\nMusic in this video:\nLost Sky – Fearless (NCS Release)\n\n\nSubscribe to my youtube channel📩: \n\n\nFollow my Facebook Page📩: \n\n\n\n\n#mlbb\n#rappidoml\n#newupdate\n\n\n\nFAIR USE DISCLAIMER:\n====================\n\n* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \”fair use\” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.\n\nENJOY THIS Q\u0026A! \nQ: Who’s you main? \nA: Chou, Granger and Tigreal \n\nQ: Do you have a skin giveaway? \nA: When I hit 1K subs! \n\nQ: Can I ask for a shout-out? \nA: Yes! Just write in in the comments section! But don’t be rude! \n\nQ: What phone are you using? \nA: Im using VIVO Y91C for my videos but have a bit lag thats why i want a new phone \n\n\n\n\n\n⬇️Donation here⬇️\nGcash: 09100814025\n\n⬇️Diamonds donation⬇️\nML ID: 392548412\n \n\n\nMy Previous Videos!\n\nREEDEM CODE:\n\n\niNSECTiON TOP 10 BEST BACKGROUND MUSIC:\n\n\nFREE KOK SKIN! SECRET EVENT!:\n\n\nFREE CROWN RECALL! HOW TO USE?:\n\n\n\ntags-\n\nnew bugs in ml, ml new bugs,mobile legends bugs, new bugs ml, mobile legends bugs,mobile legends new bugs, mobile legends new bug, new bug in mobile legends, mobile legends, ml, ml new bugs 2020, new bugs 2020 ml, ml new bug 2020, bp bugs 2020, 2020 new bugs in ml, battle points bug in ml, ml battle points bug, mobile legends bp, lucky spin trick in ml, ml lucky spin trick, elgin, elgin new bugs, elgin bugs, elgin bug, hororo chan bug, hororo chan, hororo chan ml, ml hororo chan, hororo chan, hororo chan new events, new events hororo chan, mobile legends new updates, mobile legends new heroes, mobile legend new hero, insection chou, insection freestyle, insection chou freestyle, braxy, braxy chou, braxy freestyle, braxy chou freestyle, mobile legends new event, new event free skins, ml free skins, mobile legends free skins, free skin mobile legends, new kof event, new. event kof, free kof skin event,free kof skin, ml kof skin, new event kof in ml, ml kof, mlbb kof event, mobile legend kof, mobile legends new skins, new revamped in ml, ml new revamped, ml new revamp, new revamp ml, new hero in ml, kof new skins, new skins in mobile legends, rework in ml,ml reworks, new updates ml, free skins ml,ml skin give away, skin give away ml, ml skin give away, skin give away, mobile legends hero, ml free skin, free skin ml, new event in ml, new event free skin, new event free skin ml, ml free skin,ml event,event ml, free skin event ml,ml free skin event, venom skin in ml, ml venom, lightborn, lightborn fanny, granger lightborn, saber skins, saber layla, saber ml, kof skins, chou kof, gusion kof, guinevere kof, aurora kof, layla, fanny, chou, alucard, yu zhong, miya, lesley, granger, moscov, gusion, lancelot, wan wan, chou new skin, new skin of chou, chou super hero skin, super hero chou skin, chou new skin ml,mobile legends, mobile legends new skin, mobile legends upcoming skins 2020, mobile legends new hero, mobile legends new skins, ml new hero, new hero mobile legends, new skin ml, new hero ml, mobile legends new event, mlbb new skins, mlbb new hero, mobile legends new update, leaked skin ml, mobile legends leaked skins, mlbb upcoming skins, ml new skin, new skin mobile legends, skin survey, mobile legends new skin survey, upcoming skin 2020 All Mobile Legends Hero : Miya, Balmond, Saber, Alice, Nana, Tigreal, Alucard, Karina, Akai, Franco, Bane, Bruno, Clint, Rafaela, Eudora, Zilong, Fanny, Layla, Minotaur, Lolita, Hayabusa, Freya, Gord, Natalia, Kagura, Chou, Sun, Alpha, Ruby, Yi Sun-Shin, Moskov, Johnson, Cyclops, Estes, Hilda, Aurora, Lapu Lapu, Vexana, Roger, Karrie, Gatotkaca, Harley, Irithel, Grock, Argus, Odette, Lancelot, Diggie, Hylos, Zhask, Helcurt, Pharsa, Lesley, Jawhead, Angela, Gusion, Valir, Martis, Uranus, Hanabi, Chang’e, Kaja, Selena, Aldous, Claude, Vale, Leomord, Lunox, Hanzo, Belerick, Kimmy, Thamuz, Harith, Minshittar, Kadita, Faramis, Badang, Khufra, Granger, Esmeralda, Terizla, XBorg, Ling, Dyrroth, Lylia, Baxia, Masha, Wanwan, Silvanna, Cecilion, Carmilla mobile legends, mobile legends new skin, mobile legends upcoming skins”

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