CUSTOM GLOVES SKINS (Part 3) | Skin Showcase | Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Foi divulgado no canal Gemsri Gregory o vídeo “CUSTOM GLOVES SKINS (Part 3) | Skin Showcase | Counter-Strike Global Offensive”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal Gemsri Gregory: “Third part of this series. I made some custom Gloves skins mostly based on existing skins in the game, please tell me in the comments what you think about them and what skins I can do next. \n\nShoutout to reed, who made the inspect animation for the Gloves. You can find them on the discord server from A R E Z:\n\nAlso used for this video the MIGI tool from Zool:\n\n00:00 – Intro\n00:12 – Hydra Gloves | Nightshade (Without Knife)\n00:20 – Hydra Gloves | Nightshade (With Knife)\n00:30 – Driver Gloves | Death by Puppy (Without Knife)\n00:40 – Driver Gloves | Death by Puppy (With Knife)\n00:50 – Hand Wraps | Lambda (Without Knife)\n01:00 – Hand Wraps | Lambda (With Knife)\n01:10 – Moto Gloves | Amethyst (Without Knife)\n01:20 – Moto Gloves | Amethyst (With Knife)\n01:30 – Specialist Gloves | Sapphire Web (Without Knife)\n01:40 – Specialist Gloves | Sapphire Web (With Knife)\n01:50 – Sport Gloves | Autotronic (Without Knife)\n02:00 – Sport Gloves | Autotronic (With Knife) \n02:10 – Driver Gloves | Electric Hive (Without Knife)\n02:20 – Driver Gloves | Electric Hive (With Knife)\n02:30 – Moto Gloves | Accept (Without Knife)\n02:40 – Moto Gloves | Accept (With Knife)\n02:50 – Hand Wraps | Fade (Without Knife)\n03:00 – Hand Wraps | Fade (With Knife)\n03:10 – Sport Gloves | Versa (Without Knife)\n03:20 – Sport Gloves | Versa (With Knife)”

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