Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round: Hair Break Mods

Foi divulgado no canal do youtube gatto tom o vídeo “Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round: Hair Break Mods”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal gatto tom: “Inspired from Dead Or Alive 6, I decided to bring the Hair Break/Destruction on DOA5LR.
When the girls got hit they “transform” their “Defaults” Hair into the Loose Ones.
The mods are available only for: Kasumi, Leifang, Helena, Momiji, Rachel, Marie Rose, Honoka, and Nyotengu.
I hope you will enjoy them!

Download Link:!v0QlhK4D!ugW2JMY2auXi4M8OkMMZn8F3eFHAubTkIi9Fj6TGlgQ”

Confira o vídeo logo abaixo: