Hoje foi publicado através do canal do youtube Waike o vídeo “DESTROYING ARSENAL WORLD RECORDS! (ROBLOX)”.

Segundo informado pelo canal Waike: “hey today i beat a bunch of records that are on Arsenals speedrun page\n\nSubscribe to Jack and I’s new channel Waikeites –\n\nGet more connected:\n\n➜Become a Member –\n\n➜Check out my IRL Merch:\n\n➜Join my ROBLOX group:\n\n➜ROBLOX Merch:!/store\n\n➜Follow me on Roblox:\n\n➜Follow me on Twitter:\n\n➜Discord Server:\n\n➜Follow me on Twitch:\n\n➜Email: [email protected]

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