DESTROYING WALLS – (Fortnite Axe in Real Life)

Minutos atrás foi publicado pelo canal Shonduras o vídeo “DESTROYING WALLS – (Fortnite Axe in Real Life)”.

Conforme informado pelo canal Shonduras: “Fortnite Axe Challenge… can we tear a building down?


Best Tear Down Day Ever 821

Today we start in Alex’s car, cause were going to the hardware store. Why you ask? Cause Today were destroying the Spacestation. Ok, not all of it but we are for sure going fortnite in real life on one of them. We get us a tomahawk throwing axe and a a pickaxe to help us demolish this place.

At the Spacestation we spray paint some targets on the wall and invite the Spacestation crew to help us knock this bad boy down. We throw hatches, hit it with rocks, chairs, skateboards, and eventually ram it with a crazy cart. That was a terrible idea!!

I then meet up with Jenny and Adley to get some snowcones and end this super fun day with my family

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