Download Among Us For Pc/Laptop Free v2020.9.9s

A Pouco tempo foi veiculado pelo canal Technoz Ss o vídeo “Download Among Us For Pc/Laptop Free v2020.9.9s”.

De acordo com o canal Technoz Ss: “#howtodownloadAmongus #downloadamongusfree #downloadamongusforpc\n\nDownlink Link(solidfile) :-\n\n\nDownlink Link(Megaup) :-\n\n\nDownlink Link(Google Drive) :-\n\n\n1.How To Download Among Us PC Latest Version\n2.How to Download AMONG US On PC Windows 10 (FREE)\n3.How to Download AMONG US On PC Windows 7 (FREE)\n4.How To Get Among Us On PC For FREE 2020 (Latest Version)\n5.How to Download Among Us For Free for PC | Without Bluestacks\n6.How To Download Among us PC for free\n7.How To Download AMONG US on PC (FREE) TUTORIAL\n8.Among Us free Download\n9.Free Download Among Us \n10.Among Us Latest Version\n11.Download Among us For Pc\n12.Among Us Download Free for Pc\ to download \u0026 Install Among Us On pc free\ among us on pc\n15.Among us Latest Version Pc\n\nAmong Us is a multiplayer game, supporting four to ten players. One to three of these players are randomly selected each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. The game can take place on one of three maps: a spaceship (The Skeld), a headquarters building (Mira HQ), or a planet base (Polus).[3][16] Crewmates are given \”tasks\” to complete around the map in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines. Impostors are given a fake list of tasks in order to blend in with Crewmates, although they are unable to complete any task. They have the ability to sabotage the map’s systems, traverse vents to get around the playing space quickly, work with and identify any other Impostors, and kill Crewmates. If a player dies, they become a ghost; ghosts can pass through walls, but can only interact with the world in limited ways and are invisible to everyone except other ghosts. However, they must still complete their tasks.[17][18] All players, aside from ghosts,[19] have a limited cone of vision, only allowing them to see other players within a certain unblocked distance around them, despite the game’s top-down perspective.[20]\n\n#technozss #sstechnoz #amongus #freedownload #forpc #forlaptop”

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