Download Resource/Texture packs for Minecraft 1.8-1.16+ | Shramen Noodles

Foi postado pelo canal Shramen Noodles o vídeo “Download Resource/Texture packs for Minecraft 1.8-1.16+ | Shramen Noodles”.

De acordo com o canal Shramen Noodles: “How to change the look of minecraft! Download resource/texture packs! \nI have installed quite a few resource packs! Just as an example with the resource pack I got I get custom paintings of the Operator of Hermitcraft, ore borders so I never miss them blue diamonds, unobtrusive glass, connected iron and bookshelves, grass block sides a BACON beacon and of course the WITHER BEE\nUse: \n\n\n—\nThanks for watching this episode on my channel! I hope you enjoyed if you did be sure to share, leave a like and comment down below what did you think of this episode!\nDid you know? Shramen Noodles will photo edit for you! Just email his business email and get started. Payment is in the form of a TEENSY watermark on your videos, If you don’t want watermark, get shramen discord nitro ooorrr promote his channel on all social media platforms! \n——-LINKS——-\n⏵Subscribe: \n⏵See More of My Videos: \n⏵Website: (all my recipes are here 🙂 ) \n⏵Hinscraft Website:\n——TAGS———-\n#shramen #shramennoodles #shramen noodles #recipes #gaming”

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