A Pouco tempo foi divulgado através do canal do youtube LE96z o vídeo “EASIEST WAY TO MAKE COINS IN FIFA 21! | FIFA 21 Trading Tips”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo LE96z: “FIFA 21 Rulebreakers is here and it’s the new FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream! If you’re wondering how to make coins in FIFA 21, this is one of the easiest FIFA 21 Trading Methods you can try!\n\nDon’t forget to 👍🏼, 💬 and SUBSCRIBE with 🔔 on for a ❤️!\n\n🤑 BUY COINS FIFA 21 COINS (ad)\nUse code \”LE5CHEAP\” at MuleFactory checkout: https://bit.ly/36oSqsq\n\n🔴 WATCH ME LIVE:\nTwitch – https://www.twitch.tv/le96_z\n\n📲 SOCIALS:\nTwitter – https://twitter.com/LE96_z\nInstagram – https://instagram.com/le96z\n\n📃 MUSIC CREDITS:\nBackground – Brody Lyons (https://spoti.fi/301daTg)\n\n🧠 USEFUL LINKS:\nFUTBIN – https://www.futbin.com/\n\n🤔 SECTIONS:\nIntroduction (0:00)\nShowing my trades (1:03)\nExplaining the method (2:29)\nLive trading (6:10)\n\n🗣 VIDEO DESCRIPTION:\nIn this video, I, LE96z, will show an easy way to make coins in FIFA 21 with FIFA 21 trading! In this video you could expect things such as, FIFA 21 trading, FIFA 21 sniping filters, FIFA 21 1-100k trading, FIFA 21 10k-100k trading, FIFA 21 rulebreakers, FIFA 21 rulebreakers promo event, how to make coins with the Weekend League on rewards day! \n\nThese are some of the best FIFA 21 trading methods that will help you make more and more coins in FIFA 21 with ease. These trading tips are some that you won’t want to miss! You could also expect, FIFA 21 rulebreakers trading, FIFA 21 investing, FIFA 21 how to trade, FIFA 21 trading, FIFA 21 halloween cards, FIFA 21 new trading method, FIFA 21 rulebreakers objectives, FIFA 21 inaki williams, FIFA 21 rulebreakers team and more!\n\nWith inspiration from MattHDGamer, RunTheFUTMarket, NepentheZ, bateson87 and more!\n\nFor all business queries: [email protected]\n\nEASIEST WAY TO MAKE COINS IN FIFA 21! | FIFA 21 Trading Tips\n\n#FIFA21 #FUT21 #UltimateTeam”

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