Faceless Void Safe Lane Gameplay – Patch 7.27c (Dota 2 Gameplay)

Hoje foi publicado no canal do youtube DOTA 2 Player o vídeo “Faceless Void Safe Lane Gameplay – Patch 7.27c (Dota 2 Gameplay)”.

De acordo com o canal DOTA 2 Player: “#Dota2 #Dota2Gameplay #FacelessVoid\n\nStarting items:\n\nTango icon.png Tango regenerates health lost to enemy harassment, which Faceless Void receives when he gets close to the creep waves in order to last hit.\nHealing Salve icon.png Healing Salve also restores health.\nSlippers of Agility icon.png Slippers of Agility provides Faceless Void with increased base damage as well as a small amount of armor, giving him better farming power and a little physical survivability.\nStout Shield icon.png Stout Shield provides him with damage block from the start, ensuring that he has survival against harass damage.\nEarly game:\n\nQuelling Blade icon.png Quelling Blade increases Faceless Void’s ability to last-hit creeps, which is important for ensuring that he farms well in the early game. By augmenting his already formidable attack damage, Faceless Void can ensure that the enemy has a hard time denying him even if they are in a position to.\nMagic Stick icon.png Magic Stick can be useful to get on Faceless Void given his small base HP and mana pool. The burst regen can give him more survivability and the ability to cast his spells if he finds himself in lots of early engagements.\nBoots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed give more movement speed, important in the early game since he is a melee hero who must be able to position himself quickly for last-hitting and avoiding harass.\nMid game:\n\nMagic Wand icon.png Magic Wand gives Faceless Void increased attributes, and provides even more burst HP and mana regen than Magic Stick.\nPower Treads icon.png Power Treads provides bonus attack speed and the ability to switch attributes, useful for giving Faceless Void more HP for survivability, more mana for casting spells on his limited mana pool, or more attack speed and base damage.\nMask of Madness icon.png Mask of Madness allows Faceless Void to lifesteal, important for ensuring that his HP remains topped off, especially while farming in the jungle and lifesteal works with Time Lock damage as well. The active also gives lots of attack speed for him to proc Time Lock.\nLate game:\n\nBlink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger massively enhances Faceless Void’s initiation factor. With its range almost double that of Time Walk, it’s an important item for catching multiple enemy heroes.\nBlack King Bar icon.png Black King Bar can be a powerful defensive item if the enemy has ranged disablers nukers that can position themselves to avoid being caught by Chronosphere. Activating spell immunity during Chronosphere allows Faceless Void to avoid being disabled or nuked down from outside the sphere, which lets him focus his undivided attention on targets inside. The item also provides Faceless Void with more HP and attack damage, giving him increased survivability and damage output.\nSituational items:\n\nVladmir’s Offering icon.png Vladmir’s Offering is a safer alternative to Mask of Madness icon.png Mask of Madness, trading away the attack speed in exchange for an aura that affects your team, giving them lifesteal and attack damage.\nMjollnir icon.png Mjollnir is a strong farming and attack damage item that greatly increases Faceless Void’s damage output during Chronosphere. The increased attack speed and Chain Lightning allow Faceless Void to farm creeps more quickly, as well as proccing multiple times during a Chronosphere to spread magical damage around to all caught enemies. As well, the active can allow Faceless Void to punish enemies if they try to attack him, whether he is inside a Chronosphere or not.\nMonkey King Bar icon.png Monkey King Bar increases attack damage and can be a necessary item to deal damage to enemies with evasion.\nAghanim’s Scepter icon.png Aghanim’s Scepter is a situational item to pick up on Faceless Void. While it allows Faceless Void to apply a Time Lock to each enemy near his destination from Time Walk, it could probably be replaced with an item that would benefit him more.\nMoon Shard icon.png Moon Shard can be a strong damage item for Faceless Void. The greatly increased attack speed can allow him to proc Time Lock and certain items much more often, greatly increasing his DPS. The increased night vision range can give him a strong vision advantage at night which in turn can allow him to initiate good fights he otherwise could not have seen. Consuming the item can free up an inventory slot for a permanent attack speed bonus and an extra lategame item.\nDaedalus icon.png Daedalus is one of the best damage boosting items Faceless Void can pick up. The added damage and crit will boost his physical damage output immensely, and it also works with Time Lock. When coupled with some attack speed boosting items, Faceless Void becomes a very fearsome threat against enemies.”

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