Pouco tempo atrás foi divulgado através do canal do youtube vfx Giant o vídeo “FIFA 21 VOLTA WOMEN MATCH GAMEPLAY – BRASIL vs USA 🔥🔥”.

De acordo com o canal vfx Giant: “FIFA 21 VOLTA WOMEN MATCH GAMEPLAY – BRASIL vs USA 🔥🔥\nFIFA 21 features VOLTA Mode again with few small changes. This is the gameplay of FIFA 21 VOLTA WOMENS MATCH. It is recorded on PS4 with HDR on.\nWatch the amazing match and hilarious goals scored and finally a thrilling end to the game.\n\n\nVolta Football game mode is confirmed for FIFA 21. More details on FIFA 21 Volta Football will be revealed in August. Stay tuned! … Don’t forget to write your Wishlist for the Volta Football here and share it with the community.\nVolta means ‘to return’ in Portuguese. This means in FIFA 21 that it takes the game back to the streets with an authentic small-sided football experience. VOLTA moves you from the roar of the stadium to the rhythm of the streets in football playgrounds all over the world as you build your player, pick your gear, and express your own personal style.\n\n\nLIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL.\nTHANK YOU!”

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