FIFA Mobile 20 – TOP PROSPECTS Match 20 vs Leeds – Strategy & Tips

Pouco tempo atrás foi veiculado no canal do youtube FinallyHeSleeps o vídeo “FIFA Mobile 20 – TOP PROSPECTS Match 20 vs Leeds – Strategy & Tips”.

De acordo com o que foi publicado pelo FinallyHeSleeps: “The dreaded Leeds match is back again in Top Prospects. You need a brace and a goal from a defender. Here’s how I tackled it, with a few tips that helped me. Hope this helps if you’re struggling. Don’t forget, you need to complete all three paths for milestone rewards, AND you don’t want to miss out on the grindable VSA matches in node 21!\n\n#FIFAmobile #FIFAmobile20 #FinallyHeSleeps\n\n- Official Website\n- Twitch for Gameplay Livestreams\n- Stay in the know on FIFA Mobile as well as receive updates on all of our Twitch Streams by joining the FUTMobile Twitch Discord Server\n- Don’t miss the MY WIFE HATES VIDEO GAMES Podcast\n\nHopefully you’re F2P, but if you’re not, here’s the quickest way to grab FIFA Points by email…\n- Google Play\n- iTunes\n- Playstation\n- XBox\n\nMY RECORDING SETUP:\n- Comica Smartphone Video Rig\n- Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic\n- AmazonBasics Tripod\n- Macbook Pro\n- Apple iPhone XR\n- Adobe Premier Pro\n- OBS Studio Mac\n\nSign up at and get exclusive access for MEMBERS ONLY to Market Tips and Sniping Filters too influential for YouTube, the mathematical breakdown I use for my videos, tips, tricks and more\n\nDo you have questions, comments, business inquiries? email [email protected]\nTwitter\nInstagram\nStand-up comedy album \”LIFE BEFORE THE INTERNET\” now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon\n\nDo you enjoy this video? Like, share and subscribe (don’t forget to click the bell to turn on All notifications) to my channel to get more FIFA Mobile and video game content (some fun, some informative, others just because I’m bored) and then watch some of these FIFA Mobile tip videos below.\n\n1) MAKE MILLIONS How to Fish the Market – Latest Market video\n\n\n2) Beating Man City in the WORLD TOUR CAMPAIGN:\n\n\n3) 7-Part Video Series on ZIDANE CAMPAIGN Chapter 3:\n\n\n4) CHEAP and QUICK Player Training!\n\n\nFIFA Mobile 19 Videos that still apply to FIFA Mobile 20…\n\n1) MARKET INVESTMENTS – Which players should I be buying?\n \n\n2) FIFA Mobile TIPS \u0026 TRICKS for Head to Head and Versus – Hidden Skill Moves, Tactics, Gameplay\n \n\n3) FIFA Mobile – TOP TEN TIPS and TRICKS – Gameplay, Squad building, Events, TotW, Scouting, more\n \n\nIt can’t all be serious….\n\n1) TOP TEN Signs you may be Addicted to FIFA MOBILE – Volume 2\n\n\n2) The Original TOP TEN Signs you may be Addicted to FIFA Mobile\n\n\nMusic provided by:\n\nWe are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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