First-Person mod – GTA San Andreas – Mountain Cloud Boys – Woozie mission 1 – from the Starter Save

Hoje foi veiculado no canal ZMOONCHILDmods o vídeo “First-Person mod – GTA San Andreas – Mountain Cloud Boys – Woozie mission 1 – from the Starter Save”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal ZMOONCHILDmods: “Download GTA San Andreas for PC (full game)\nDownload GTA San Andreas for Android (full game)\nSupport me on Patreon\n\nThe mod was created by Voron295. Here’s a link for the mod\n\nStarter Save – GTA San Andreas PC – complete walkthrough (showing all details) – achieving 13.37% Game Progress before doing the story missions – no cheats – Frame Limiter ON \n\nThis is a complete walkthrough that shows how to achieve 13.37% Game Progress before doing the story missions. The first story mission is called \”In The Beginning\” , and it has already been completed. That mission is really just a cut-scene that shows Carl leaving Liberty City, and then arriving in San Andreas, where he accosted by Tenpenny and Pulaski.\n\nA Starter Save is when everything that can be done prior to doing the mission Big Smoke is actually completed prior to doing that mission itself; that includes side-missions, collectables, etc. \nNormally that would also include maxing out all of Carl’s skills, money, etc, but that would take too long to accomplish, and this video is already several hours long as it is, so it’s limited to essentials. All of the techniques in this video were created and developed by me. I did use jheath’s suggestion about using Teargas to help slow the cops down, but all other tactics were created by me. And thank you, jheath for that suggestion.\n\nHere’s a list of what has or will be completed, meaning some of the things on this list may not have been completed in this particular video, but in a later video instead:\n\nC.J. has never been Wasted or Busted.\n\nThis was done just to see how many things could be completed immediately after the game began, and before the mission \”Big Smoke\”\n\nC.J. has the following:\n1) He is wearing the white shorts from the Chiliad Challenge, and is marked up with tattoos from both San Fierro and Las Ventures. He also has full muscles.\n2) All 6 available Safehouses have been purchased.\n\nThe following side-missions have been completed:\n1) Firefighter Mission\n2) Paramedic Mission\n3) Taxi Mission\n4) Pimping Mission\n5) Burglary Mission\n6) Vigilante Mission\n7) The Roboi’s Food Mart Courier Mission in Los Santos\n8) The Hippy Shopper Courier Mission in San Fierro\n9) The Burger Shot Courier Mission in Las Venturas\n\nAlso, the following Challenges have been completed:\n1) BMX Challenge\n2) Chiliad Challenge, Scotch Bonnet\n3) Chiliad Challenge, Birdseye Winder\n4) Chiliad Challenge, Cobra Run\n5) NRG-500 Challenge\n\nAnd, all of the Stadium Events have been completed:\n1) 8-Track\n2) Blood Ring\n3) Kickstart\n4) Dirt Track\n\nIn addition to all of that:\n1) 100 out of 100 Tags have been sprayed\n2) 50 out of 50 Snapshots have been taken\n3) 50 out of 50 Oysters have been collected\n4) 50 out of 50 Horseshoes have been collected\n5) 70 out of 70 Unique Jumps found\n6) 69 out of 70 Unique Jumps completed \n\nThere are no failed missions.\nThe ‘Mission Attempts’ total is higher than the ‘Missions Passed’ total due to missions such as the Chiliad Challenge which offsets both of these totals.\n\nFast Food places are already open, due to a disastrous date with Michelle.\n\nThe original audio message that C.J. says as he approaches Grove is still there. I used other missions to keep from triggering it.\nI sprayed painted the Gang Tag that’s on the base of the overpass bridge on Grove Street during those missions.\n\nAll \”i\” information icons are still in place.\n\nSave the file on your PC here:\n\\My Documents\\GTA San Andreas User Files\n\nThis video-series is based on the Ultimate Starter Game that I created a few years ago. Unlike the game in this video, the Ultimate Starter Game has everything maxed out.\n\nThat game can be downloaded at GTA Forums:\u0026view=findpost\u0026p=4182442\nor here: \n\nDownload the PC saved-game here:\n\n(this is from the beginning of the video) \n\n\n(this is from the end of the video)\n\nSave the file on your PC here:\n\\My Documents\\GTA San Andreas User Files\n\nHere are my specs:\nWindows 7 Professional – 64 Bit\nIntel® i7-4790 Quad-core (4 Core)\nSystem memory: 8 GB – DDR3-1600/PC3-12800\nHard drive: 1 TB\nVideo card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970\nSound card: Sound Blaster Fatal1ty X-Fi Platinum\n\nRecorded with Fraps\nRendered with Sony Vegas 14.0\n\nNO CHEATS and were used.\nPC Version 2.0 – Frame Limiter ON.\n\nThere are no video edits in this video, what you see is what actually happened. There were audio edits due to copyright.\n#zmoonchild #zmoonchildmods #zmoonchildlive #zmoonchildgta”

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