Free fortnite account email and password

Poucos minutos atrás foi veiculado através do canal Stacker K o vídeo “Free fortnite account email and password”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo canal Stacker K: “❌I love every single person seeing this. You are amazing\nEmail= [email protected]\nPass – AT 890 SUBS 70 LIKES\nI really get too late to put pass. I am really sorry, i wont repeat this again. If i am sleeping dont blame becz my time region is different.\nMore epic content coming at 1k subs!\nStay tuned!\nMassive giveaway very soon on my discord.\n \nIG – stacker_kyt\nPLEASE DONT UNSUB IF YOU DONT GET AN ACC\nPLEASE LIKE AND SUB FOR MORE ACCS\nGuys as soon as we get to 890 members and 70 likes I will put the pass. Sign up all to not lose your account but above all activate the bell !!!!”

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