GTA 4: Key to the City 087 (4K) | Stevie s Car Thefts (Textual Guide)

Hoje foi divulgado através do canal do youtube Silent Phill o vídeo “GTA 4: Key to the City 087 (4K) | Stevie’s Car Thefts (Textual Guide)”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo Silent Phill: “To understand what is done in this video, please click the SHOW MORE button below!\n\nFound in this video:\nSide Mission: Stevie’s Car Thefts\nCharacters: Niko Bellic, Stevie\nRewards: Money gained from 30 vehicle deliveries\nPercent: 79.06%\n\nCARS (Alphabetical) | Times\n=======================\nBanshee (21:34)\nBobcat (16:59)\nBuccaneer (22:16)\nCavalcade (15:39)\nCognoscenti (4:45)\nComet (16:18)\nContender (13:40)\nCoquette (18:20)\nDF8-90 (10:51)\nDilettante (10:10)\nDukes (15:00)\nFaggio (6:48)\nFreeway (5:32)\nHuntley Sport (1:36)\nInfernus (11:32)\nIntruder (9:27)\nManana (20:52)\nMoonbeam (12:14)\nNRG 900 (8:03)\nPatriot (12:53)\nPMP 600 (22:57)\nRancher (19:04)\nRebla (7:23)\nSabre GT (20:00)\nSentinel (17:44)\nSultan (24:54)\nSuper GT (23:42)\nTurismo (8:39)\nVoodoo (14:20)\nWashington (6:05)\n\nLet’s Play Grand Theft Auto 4 on the Xbox 360 (via Xbox ONE X)! This is a guided playthrough, meaning I am going through and helping you find all the collectibles and do all missions to obtain 100% for the Key to the City Achievement!\n\n———————————————————————————————————–\n\nAdditional Credits:\n- Thumbnail art: Google image, video screenshot, and my picture, edited in Gimp.\n- Intro/Outro music: \”Quantum Sonata\” by FormantX\n\n———————————————————————————————————–\n\nWant to become a Let’s Player?\nElgato (game capture):\nSamson Meteor Mic (voice capture):\nLogitech HD Pro (face capture):\n\n———————————————————————————————————–\n\nDonations IF you’d like to help support my living:\\n\n———————————————————————————————————–\n\nStalk me:\n- Twitter:\n- Facebook:″

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