GTA 4 STAIRWELL OF DEATHS EPISODE 1 [euphoria physics [funny moments]

Foi publicado pelo canal AlienGamer o vídeo “GTA 4 STAIRWELL OF DEATHS EPISODE 1 [euphoria physics [funny moments]”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo canal AlienGamer: “Join my gaming discord here to keep up with the latest updates of my channel and my mods. Our server has other cool stuff also in common like roles, gaming channels, modding channels, support channels etc etc so what are you waiting for? Join now here by clicking this link: . i am mostly active on there :)\n———————————————————————————————————\nThis GTA 4 ragdoll video will be including a compilation of Brutal Deaths, Funny Moments and Brutal Stairwell Of Deaths. Hope you enjoy!\n—————————————————————————————————————-\nIf you enjoyed this video; consider subscribing, liking and enabling the notification bell so you won’t miss another video. Hope you have an amazing week :)\nThank you for watching!\nComment down below how you thought about the video, was it good or bad? let me know. i will appreciate every positive comment and like. stay safe and amazing. i hope you have a great day!\n—————————————————————————————-\nIntro song by Spitfya x Desembra:\nOutro song by Nick Leng:\n————————————————————————————————–\nDownload my own made euphoria ragdoll overhaul mod for GTA 4 here:\n————————————————————————————————\nDownload my Ragdoll Obstacle Course Map mod for GTA 5 here:\n———————————————————————————————————-\nDownload my euphoria mod that aims to have overgrowth and gta 4 reactions for GTA 5:\n\n————————————————————————————————\n\nMods:\n\n\nFor GTA 5:\n\n\n\nFor RDR 2:\n\n\n\nFor GTA 4:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n————————————————————————–\n\nNOTICE:\nThis video you see here doesn’t cause harm to any real life people. this video is for entertainment and shows the euphoria physics of GTA 4 and i don’t harm any type of people in the world. I respect every kind and have no problem with any sorts of people. Have an amazing life :D\n———————————————————————————————————-\n\n\n#gta4 #ragdolls”

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