Gta 5 cheat codes

A Alguns minutos foi veiculado pelo canal do youtube BanditGaming77 o vídeo “Gta 5 cheat codes”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal BanditGaming77: “Hi my name in play station 4/PS4 is rubenplayszombie.In roblox it’s itsurboyrubenbyt.In fortnite it’s foxythemlgguy if it did not work use foxythemlgman and my TikTok name is itsurboybanditruben. My XboxOne name is Teemingchalk336. My auto rap name is YoWatUpRubenHere. My name on Twitter is ItsEpicFatRat20. My Instagram name is WaitingNoob4275 and my Snapchat is rubenebenavides. I have to friend code on the nintendo switch one is my fortnite one. My original friend code is 8224 0543 0529. Now my friend code on my fortnite account on the Nintendo is 4149 8785 2105. My Name In Discord Is sad boi ;( (Ruben) for my code it is 5543. My twitch is BanditGaming77Streams”

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