Gta 5 Chill Car Meet Live PS4

Foi divulgado pelo canal Onli9 Gaming o vídeo “Gta 5 Chill Car Meet Live PS4”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo Onli9 Gaming: “#warzone #trending #onli9gaming\nPSN saj004411\n\nTips :\n\nStep 1 ) type in !time in the chat to see your watch hours on the channel \nyou would Need 6 hours of watchtime to join in \nOR\nIf u dont want have 6 hours of watch time and u want to join in quick, just contribute anything in the superchat and u will be welcomed to the family 🙂 \nNo greifers allowed. Killings, Weapons, Damaging cars will result in a 24 hour BAN , Even if you are a member or Donor , rules are same for all, You will\nbe kicked out\n\nGET THE Membership of the channel for an instant VIP access with a Shout out\n\nInstagram @onli9gaming\n\n\n\n (my patreon )\n\[email protected] (Paypal Contributions)\n\nGOLD MEMBERS CHANNEL \n\n\n Young Money\n\n Kevin OG\n\n Toukaa \n\n Kyranov\n\n kye\n\n Hoier 520\n\n Teim 1234\n\nSILVER MEMBERS CHANNELS\n\n\nQ MARV\n\n Supreme_za\n\n B7 _exs\n\n\n\n\n\nEnjoy. And subscribe 🙂”

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