GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #121 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)

Poucos minutos atrás foi postado através do canal do youtube GtaMedia o vídeo “GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #121 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)”.

Segundo informado pelo canal GtaMedia: “★ GTA 5 FAILS \u0026 WINS #121 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)\n\n★ Welcome back to a new episode of GTA 5 Fails \u0026 Wins! \nIn this series we use your funniest submissions and transform them with High-Quality editing into the best GTA 5 compilations on YouTube. If you would like to take part in our video you can submit your best and funniest gta clips on\nWe hope you’ll enjoy this episode and be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought of it! \n\n©GtaMedia always has the player’s permission to feature their clip, If there are any mistakes please contact us at [email protected]\n\nAll the music and funny edits you see are added by GtaMedia.\nIf you would like to be featured in one of our videos you can submit your clips on our website\n\n★ GTA 5 Fail compilation, gta funny moments, gta karma, gta bad days, gta wins, gta thug life, gta online, rockstargames, gta diamond casino \u0026 resort gta coffin meme gta astronomia and more..\n\n★ Previous Episode.\nGTA 5 FAILS \u0026 WINS #119 // (BEST GTA V Funny Moments Compilation) \n\n\n► Subscribe to stay updated for more videos..\n\n\n► Submit your clips!\n•\n\n► Social Media\n• Instagram : GtaMedia\n\n► GtaMedia Merchandise\n•\n\n#GTA #GTA5 #GTAMEDIA”

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