GTA 6 : Grand Theft Auto VI – Official Teaser | Gameplay

Poucos minutos atrás foi divulgado através do canal do youtube Gamezen o vídeo “GTA 6 : Grand Theft Auto VI – Official Teaser | Gameplay”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal Gamezen: “Hello Everyone !\nWelcome to Gamezen Channel. GTA 6 : Grand Theft Auto VI – Official Teaser release now. Rockstar Games have not yet confirmed a release date for GTA 6 but the game is not expected to be released soon. GTA 6 will release for Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s next Xbox ‘Project Scarlett’ the next generation of consoles. We will be able to see a version of the game for Windows PC and Google Stadia, there’s a good chance. Unfortunately for people who won’t get a next-gen console, recent new revelations indicate that GTA 6 on PS4 and Xbox One probably won’t be launched by Rockstar Games.\n\n====== SYSTEM REQUIREMENT =====\nGTA 6 PC Requirements – Recommended\n\nOS Windows 10 – 64 bit\nRAM Memory 8GB\nGraphics Card AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 liquid 8GB or Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti\nCPU Intel Core i7-8700K 6 core 3.7GHZ/ AMD Ryzen R7 1700X\nHard Drive 55 GB\nDirect X 12 Compatible Graphics Card\n\n### Enjoy and stay connected with us!!\n## Subscribe and like Comments !!!\n#Gamezen\n#GTA6\n#Latest\n#Official\nGrand Theft Auto VI\nOfficial Teaser\nGameplay\n——————————————————\n\n++++== Follow Us You Tube ==++++\n\n (== Other Popular Playlist ==)\n\nSuicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2022) – Official Trailer\n\n====================================\nDeathloop (2021) Official Trailer |Gameplay |Gamezen\n\n====================================\nAvengers Game (2020) | Marvel’s Avengers Walkthrough | Official Trailer\n\n====================================\nCrash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Demo | Walkthrough | Gamezen\n\n====================================\nAmnesia Rebirth (2020) – Official Trailer | Gameplay | Gamezen\n\n====================================\n\nAnd many more game updates\nd’nt Forget and miss chance to subscribe channel for updates.\n\nIf you have any questions or need guidance about any thing, just comment below in the comment section.\n\n## Thank you for watching !!! gamzen”

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