Minutos atrás foi divulgado pelo canal do youtube WIZ GAMERZ o vídeo “GTA 6 NATURAL VISION MODPACK 2020 APK+DATA”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo WIZ GAMERZ: “Hey guys,\ntoday im going to give you the brand new GTA 6 NaturalVision ✪ Modpack apk+data for all Android devices. this modpack is totally unlocked , including full GTA V 2019 textures ,Trees , graphics style and a my premium cars. Grove Street insanity is also added for more realistic look. 4K HD SKYBOX gives more better look to this modpack.\n\nThis modpack has been specially made up for low end phones. modpack is perfectly Optimised for low end devices . It also includes Luxury \u0026 Supercars such As Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Bugatti Chrion, Bugatti Divo, Ferrari 488 Pista \u0026 Portfino , BMW M8 , Mercedes G Wagon , S – Class, etc. and all this for only 400MB!!\n\nDownload links 👇👇👇\n\nAPK-\n\nDATA-\u0026export=download\n\nFeatures :\nAPK+ DATA 400MB\nAll Cleo Cheats In English\n30+ New Cars\nUnlock Modpack\nGTA V Road Textures from DLC\n4K HQ SKYBOX [ latest ]\nNew Sidewalk\nNew Radar (GTA V)\nNew Real clouds\nNew Timecyc Like GTA V\nNew Car Colors\nNew Real Car Reflections\nNew Headlights \u0026 Taillights Reflections\nRealistic Clean sky\nRealistic Environment\nReal Dark Shadows\nRoad Reflections\nReal night reflectors on cars\nHQ Updated Timecyc like GTA V\nHigh Quality Insanity \u0026 BSOR Trees Colors\nBright \u0026 Real color\nSmooth Handling of all cars\nWater Splashes \u0026 Raindrop Effects\n\n*Support Android all devices\n*Support Android Oreo \u0026 Nougat\n*Support GTA SA lite \u0026 Original Too!\n\nSIZE BEFORE EXTRACT : 471MB\nSIZE AFTER EXTRACT : 1.5 GB\n\nMinimum Requirements :\n\nRAM : 1 GB for All GPU\nSTORAGE : 1.55 GB\nANDROID VERSION : 4.0 +\n\nSpecial Thanks To Modding Guruji \nFor Giving Permission to Modified \nthis Modpack 🙂 \n\nCredits Behalf of Modding Guruji :\nTaruncreation :\nHerdin Ariee :\n3D Models Fanpage\nNB7 Project\nSHdru\nNGR Garage\nGajah_Bertular\nAutoman\nEziekel\n\nFollow me on Instagram to get updates 👇👇👇\n\n\n\nPlease Like and Subscribe my channel 🙏🙏🙏😘”

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