GTA III Mobile Save Converter – Shoutout to *thehambone* and AWESOME Work! (Read Description)

Poucos minutos atrás foi divulgado no canal Lethal Vaccine o vídeo “GTA III Mobile Save Converter – Shoutout to *thehambone* and AWESOME Work! (Read Description)”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo Lethal Vaccine: “thehambone’s Youtube Channel –\n\nGTA III Mobile Save Converter Tool Download Here –\n\nI wanted to give a massive thanks and shoutout to *thehambone* for taking the time to make such a Tool! The Tool can convert any GTA III iOS Save into Android format to load up in Android Devices or Android Emulators or it can convert any GTA III Android Save into iOS format to load up in iOS Devices!\n\nUnlike San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and Chinatown Wars Save Files, GTA III Save Files are *NOT* compatible between Android and iOS Devices unless you use this Tool to convert the Save File! Without doing that and if you try and load a Save up, the game will force close and crash while the bar on screen is loading up. When it gets near the end, it closes!\n\nNow, all we need is a Tool exactly like this that can convert Vice City Mobile Save Files from Android to iOS and iOS to Android and we’ll be good to go! Only the future will tell! ;)\n\nNow I can finally load up my 53% Starter Save and 100% Save File for GTA III assembled on iOS, through the Nox Android Emulator on my PC! That is basically what this Video is. I am just messing around, showcasing that his work has payed off and it WORKS!\n\nThe Tool is very handy for those people who want to continue their Save Game Progress on other Devices and cross-Platform rather than having to redo it all, specifically one for Android and another for iOS. Now you will be able to load ANY Save up no matter the Platform (Android or iOS) and continue your Progress!”

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