GTA IV FDLC FireFighter Mod Episode 1

A Pouco tempo foi veiculado no canal Vito o vídeo “GTA IV FDLC FireFighter Mod Episode 1”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Vito: “Donate :^)\n\n\n\n10-02 Report To Your Command\n10-03 Call Dispatcher By Telephone\n10-04 Acknowledgment\n10-05 RepeatMessage\n10-06 Standby\n10-07 VerifyAddress\nPOSSIBLE CRIMES\n10-10 Possible Crime (prowler, suspicious\nperson/vehicle, shots fired, etc.)\n10-11 Alarm (specify type)\n10-12 Police Officer/Security Holding Suspect\n10-13 Assist Police Officer\n10-14 License Plate Check – Occupied \nVerify If Stolen\n10-15 License Plate Check – Verify If Stolen – Occupied or Not\n10-16 Vehicle is Reported Stolen\n10-17 Vehicle is Not Reported Stolen\n10-18 Warrant Check Shows an Active Warrant\n10-19 Warrant Check Negative\nCRIMES IN PAST\n10-20 PastRobbery\n10-21 PastBurglary\n10-22 Past Larceny (specify: auto, from person/other)\n10-24 PastAssault(specify)\n10-29 Other Crimes In The Past (specify)\nCRIMES IN PROGRESS\n10-30 Robbery In Progress\n10-31 Burglary In Progress\n10-32 Larceny In Progress (specify: auto, from person/other)\n10-33 Explosive Device Or Threat\nNOTE: Portable radio should NOT be used when in the presence\nof a suspected bomb, explosive or incendiary device.\n10-34 Assault In Progress (specify)\n10-39 Other Crime In Progress (specify)\n10-40V Panic Alarm (carjacking, Lojack signal, star alert)\n10-44 Hazardous Materials/Suspicious Packages/Substances\nNON-CRIME INCIDENTS\n10-50 Disorderly Person/Group or Noise\n10-51 Roving Band (specify direction of travel \u0026 number in group)\n10-51M Roving Band of Motorcycles 10-51B Roving Band of Bicycles 10-51V Roving Band of Vehicles\n10-51P Roving Band of People (impromptu marches)\n10-52 Dispute(specify)\n10-53 VehicleCollision(specify)\n10-54 Ambulance Case (specify type)\n10-55 Ambulance Case No R.M.P. Required\n1 of 4\n NON-CRIME INCIDENTS (continued)\n10-56 Verify if Ambulance Needed\n10-57 Second Call for Ambulance – 2nd call — verify\n10-58 Assist Ambulance (specify type of assist)\n10-59 Alarm of Fire (specify type)\n10-60H Research (disabled vehicle)\n10-60I Broadcast (chase / pursuit)\n10-61 Precinct Assignment – not available (Give condition\nand/or location, e.g., mail run, at S.H., patrol with Pct.\nC.O., etc.)\n10-62 Out of Service–Mechanical (Give condition and location,\ne.g., gas at another pct., flat tire at service station, etc.).\n10-63 Out of Service — Meal\n10-65 Utility Trouble (specify nature and if ESU responding or not)\n10-66 Unusual Incident Examples: train derailment / collision,\nplane crash, building collapse.\n10-67 Traffic / Parking Condition (specify)\n10-68 See Complainant re: (specify)\n10-69 Other Non-Crime Incident (specify)\n10-71 Housing Authority Sex Offender Address Verification\n10-75B Bus Investigation\n10-75C Community Visit\n10-75D Directed Patrol\n10-75E Community Event\n10-75F Family/Home Visit (Domestic Violence Prevention)\n10-75I Interior Patrol\n10-75L Cabaret Trained Supervisor Inspecting Licensed Premise 10-75M Train Run/Mobile Order Maintenance Sweep\n10-75O Train Order Maintenance Sweep (TOMS)\n10-75P Directed Patrol at School Location\n10-75S Station Inspection — By Transit Bureau Personnel\n10-75T Transit Patrol/Inspection — By Non-Transit Bureau Personnel\n10-75W Warrant Check\nINTERIM STATUS 10-80 Cancel (specify unneeded service)\n10-81A Authorized Tow Arrived 10-81N Request for Authorized Tow\n10-82 Verification/Arrest (give number detained)\n10-83 Report/Notification at Station House\n10-84 Arrived at Scene\n10-85 Need Additional Unit (specify type \u0026 reason)\n10-86 Person In/Person Out of Vehicle (indicate time)\n10-87 Unit to Hospital (specify hospital)\n10-88 Vehicle Pursuit as a result of another assignment\n10-89 Other Interim Status (specify)\nFINAL DISPOSITIONS\nFinal Dispositions (90-97, 99) are to be used only when a unit\nis completely finished with an assignment (including paperwork, forms and notifications) and is available for another assignment. Disposition code is to be selected and transmitted by the unit.\n10-90F1 DOMESTIC INCIDENT REPORT prepared – No offense of domestic violence is alleged.\n10-90F2 DOMESTIC INCIDENT REPORT prepared – Unfounded report of domestic violence.”

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