Gta Online (pc) cheater Niko_Z_Foxy

Pouco tempo atrás foi postado pelo canal do youtube MakeItWorse o vídeo “Gta Online (pc) cheater Niko_Z_Foxy”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo MakeItWorse: “So I was playing with a random player in this lobby we were doing some cargo, and some other jobs.\n\nthen we got attacked by a other guy, so we killed him a few times and then Niko_Z_Foxy teleported to us with a spoofed name called Terry.\n\nThis kid was so desperate in using his mods that I had to record this just to show how stupid it looks when people act like they know everything and think they are admin or something, but yet again be very hypocrite and grief other people themself, (I speak of more modders in general who kick others for no reason at all from lobbies lol and act like they do something good to the community).\n\nshort awnser: no you don’t, and I have always wondered why there are always people running around in gta policing how someone should play rather than minding their own bussiness and this is exactly why I disslike this kind of menu abusers, especially when they become toxic and have a advantage over you and stalk you aswell only for a face mask or face tattoo !\nor have a barcode name XD!\n\nwhen someone griefs its not so hard to avoid that person but it depends how far that logic starts and ends, if you can drive halfway into the city without getting followed/trailed you have enough time to run with ghost org and still finish your job as soon when a oppressor idles and looks around you know its time to use ghost org without hestitation!, with car sells this works great, but if someone knows how to still find you, that rarely happens 9/10 it never happened for me but it’s not impossible.\n\ntime of recording was on: 09/09/2020\nhis sc:\nhis ID (this will never change on profile name change): 173953330 (Please stalk him yourself, I very much approve satire, because rockstargames won’t take action anyway)”

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