GTA San Andreas O.H.K.O. Summer Mod [SNAPSHOT HUNT]

Hoje, a muito pouco tempo foi postado no link do Youtbe: Badinfos, o vídeo GTA San Andreas O.H.K.O. Summer Mod [SNAPSHOT HUNT]

Segundo o que foi veiculado através do link Badinfos: I combined a few mods together and decided to make a full playthrough of the game. One of the mods makes the game a thousand times harder, giving you only one hit-point. Armor does nothing and you cannot heal. One punch and you are wasted.
The other mods mostly add visual effects and colors. There are other small additions like structures and new locations.
In this episode you will see:
– Paramedic side mission
– Collection of all 50 snapshots
GTA 3 Winter Mod Playthrough:
GTA Vice City Winter Mod Playthrough:
GTA San Andreas Winter Mod Playthrough:
GTA V Winter Mod Playthrough :
Mods used:
• CLEO 4:
• Endless Summer:
• Ultimate Graphics Mod 2.0:
• O.H.K.O.: link removed
I did not make these mods and take no responsibility if they break your game. Use at your own risk.

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