Poucos minutos atrĂĄs foi veiculado atravĂ©s do canal ARJUN THE GAMER o vĂ­deo “GTA SAN ANDREAS: SECOND MISSION || RYDER || 😌LOCAL PIZZA BOY TRY TO KILL🙄 |”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo ARJUN THE GAMER: “☆Ryder is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Grove Street Families member Lance \”Ryder\” Wilson from his home.\n\n☆Mission\n\nCarl drops by Ryder’s house in Grove Street. Ryder does not seem that excited to see Carl back. Ryder explains that a local pizza store in Idlewood keeps painting over a Grove Street Families tag on the building, and he wants to \”teach the owner a lesson\”. He asks Carl to come along, to which Carl agrees. The two get into Ryder’s Picador and drive over to the barber shop. Carl asks if Old Reece still owns the shop, to which Ryder warns Carl not to get a haircut there, stating that Reece popped his membrane years ago. Despite Ryder’s advice, Carl goes inside the barber shop and gets a new haircut. Afterwards, Carl goes back outside and Ryder comments on his new haircut.\nRyder tells Carl to go over to the pizza place across the street and get them some food while he finishes smoking. After Carl orders the food, Ryder walks over to the counter with a gun and attempts to rob the premises. However, the clerk recognises Ryder, and frightens Ryder and Carl off with a shotgun. Carl and Ryder flee outside and get into Ryder’s Picador. Carl and Ryder drive back to Ryder’s house in Grove Street.\nAfter returning to Grove Street, Ryder tells Carl to go over and see Sweet at his house to talk to him about the graffiti all across the hood.\n\n☆Mission Objectives\n\nIn order to complete the mission the player must:\n\nGet in Ryder’s car!\n\nGo with Ryder to the barbers.\n\nWalk into the marker to get a haircut.\n\nEnter the Pizza shop and buy some food.\n\nWalk into the marker to buy a pizza.\n\nGet in Ryder’s car!\n\nYou’ve left Ryder behind! [?]\n\nGet in Ryder’s car! [?]\n\nDrive Ryder home.\n\n☆Reward\n\nThe reward for completing the mission is an increase of three Respect points.\nThe Sweet mission strand is also opened starting with the first mission, Tagging Up Turf. A phone call from Sweet will also be available, describing changes in the city’s gangs.\n\n——————–\n\n☆Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a 2004 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the follow-up to the 2002 game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It was released in October 2004 for PlayStation 2, and in June 2005 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. The game, set within an open world environment that players can explore and interact with at their leisure, focuses on the story of former gangster Carl \”CJ\” Johnson, who is brought back home by the death of his mother, only to become involved in a long journey that sees him exploring the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which is heavily based on California and Nevada.\n\n———————–\n\n☆INSTAGRAM –\n\n———————– \n\n☆LIKE COMMENT \u0026 SHARE \u0026 DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE 😎\n\n———————–\n☆PLAYLIST~~~ \n\n☆GTA VC (STORY MISSION)- \n\n☆GTA VC (MOD GAMPLAY)- \n\n☆GTA VC (PAY PHONE MISSION)- \n\n☆GTA SA (STORY MISSION)- \n\n☆GTA SA (MOD GAMPLAY) –\n\n☆GTA SA (CAR’S) –\n\n\n☆PUBG MOBILE- \n\n☆PUBG MOBILE LITE- \n\n☆FREEFIRE- \n\n☆DARK DAY’S-\n\n———————–\n\n#GTASANANDREAS #MODGAMEPLAY #CHEATS #GTA #YOUTUBE #INDIANGAMER #PLAYLIST #SANANDREAS \n\n——–THANKS FOR WATCHING———“

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