How To Install Dr Strange Mod In GTA San Andreas 2020

A Pouco tempo foi divulgado através do canal naveenmandhan ™ o vídeo “How To Install Dr Strange Mod In GTA San Andreas 2020”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo naveenmandhan ™: “Mod Link:\n\n\nControls\n————————————————————————————————————————\n1. Type STRAN to activate and deactivate the mod\n\n2. Press Z to levitate and move the player by moving the camera and pressing forward/backward\n\n3. Astral Projection:\n- Press Y to activate and deactivate\n- Press WASD and move the camera view to move the soul\n- Right-click to change camera view\n- By changing the camera view, the forward and backward button will lift and drop the soul respectively\n- Press N to make astral attack\n\n4. Press 1 to activate and deactivate a portal\n\n5. Regular Spell Mode:\n- Press G to activate and deactivate regular Spell mode\n- If it’s activated there is orange spell on both player’s hand\n- In this mode, punching will give more lethal damage\n- Press 2 and hold it to force a vehicle\n- Right-click and press 3 to do chain fire\n- Right-click and press 4 to extinguish fire around player\n- Press 6 to shoot string energy\n- Hold right-click and Shift button (perform blocking attack) to regenerate armor and health\n\n6. Press X to activate and deactivate the time stone\n\n7. Time Loop:\n- Right-click and press 5 to activate and deactivate the time loop\n- If it’s activated there is a small green light on player’s left elbow\n- Time loop can only be triggered when the player is dying\n\n8. Time Spell Mode:\n- While the time stone is activated, press H to activate and deactivate Time Spell mode\n- If it’s activated there is a green spell on player’s right hand\n- Aim (right-click) at random ped and press 2 to turn them very old, if they were already old then they will die instantly\n- Press 3 and hold it to search nearby dead ped and right-click to revive them\n- Press 4 to stop the time, using levitation will be a great use to move the player\n\n9.Press ‘Page down’ to explode all the vehicles around by mind :v and press again to blow those up.”

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