How to Learn the Among Us Maps and Tasks Tutorial | 2020

A Pouco tempo foi publicado pelo canal Aiden GAMER o vídeo “How to Learn the Among Us Maps and Tasks Tutorial | 2020”.

Conforme o canal Aiden GAMER: “Yo what is up guys! Today I am back with another among us video. Do you hate having to learn the new maps, and get voted off while playing? In today’s video I am going to be doing a quick tutorial to show you how you can learn the maps and tasks in among us! I have about 72.5 hours on this game so you can trust me. lmao… ok bruh for real now, if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you leave a like and subscribe for more. Also comment some video Ideas down below. Also also I have some big videos coming soon so stay tuned! As always thank you guys so much for watching.\nByeeeeeee!\n\n–LINKS–\n\n\n\n#AmongUs #Tutorial #AidenGAMER\nItsAidenTime”

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