How to RECOVER Minecraft world, EVEN Hardcore [ANYTIME NO CHEATS Java Edition]

Minutos atrás foi veiculado através do canal Hewe go o vídeo “How to RECOVER Minecraft world, EVEN Hardcore [ANYTIME NO CHEATS Java Edition]”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal Hewe go: “How to Recover/restore/remote your Minecraft world in Hardcore with no cheats, no mods, and easy!! I’ll show you how to Remote minecraft back at any moment, you’ll save Experience, levels, inventory and Time.\n\nLil extra info:\nYou can restore your hardcore world with JAVA Minecraft (I don’t have bedrock and i don’t know how files are saving in the game)\nYou can restore your hardcore world in any type of Windows(Again don’t know how mac saves files)\nYou CAN restore your old hardcore world, but it’s a little more complicated (Subscribe and leave a comment, i may ask you to send me your world so I can recover it for the video and send it back)\nYou also can restore your Player with Inventory, but not the world (Which will save all your inventory twice: Items that are floating at your last spot and your actual inventory! Subscribe to see that video, it’s already recorded!!!)\nYou can restore your hardcore world at any moment, but keep in mind, that Minecraft saves and rewrites the world every minute or so, that means you have to do it fast\nYou can restore your hardcore world without even renaming any files, if you’re fast enough, also try to just delete Level.dat (not level.dat_old)\nYou can NOT restore your hardcore world on multiplayer server if you or your friend don’t own the server.\n\nThank you for reading this!!”

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