In Aisles – OPEN Among Us MAP (16/19 Open)

Pouco tempo atrás foi publicado pelo canal do youtube ScorchedLavender o vídeo “In Aisles – OPEN Among Us MAP (16/19 Open)”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal ScorchedLavender: “⚠TW: CAMERA SHAKE, BLOOD, WHITE NOISE⚠\n\nWoah, two uploads in one day? That’s pretty rare. I don’t know if that’s scarier or the fact that this is also the second Among Us video today and I can safely say I’m obsessed.\n\nANYWAY, welcome to the In Aisles Among Us MAP call! This was something I couldn’t get out of my head for the longest time. Also, YES, there will be a thumbnail contest!\n\nRULES:\n-Absolutely NO tracing, stealing, or taking art from the Among Us game or any artists who have drawn Among Us-related art! YOU WILL BE KICKED.\n\n-You have 2 months to complete your part, with a 2-week to 1 month extension depending on your progress.\n\n-The Discord IS mandatory for all participants and backups! Spectators are welcome!\n\n-To get in, hide the word \”where\” in your comment. Hide it well! I will change this every month after the first comment requesting a part comes up.\n\n-For parts with no camera shake, make your part a simple PMV – It may be still images if you like, but please use minimal tweening if you do! For parts with camera shake but no noise, as well as noise with no shake, make your part a tweened PMV with any level of tweening. For a part with camera shake and noise that is non-red, do a tweened PMV with any level of tweening. For red-background parts, use full AMV, and make it dynamic and action-packed! Throw in some horror elements if you can, but please, no heavy gore (visible organs specifically).\n\n-Non-shake can focus on a character who is either a Crewmate OR Impostor, hinting at which they are. Shake, no noise, or noise and no shake should focus on the Impostor, not murdering anyone with the animation subtly hinting at the fact they are one. Shake and noise, no red, are parts where the Impostor is acting suspicious. Red parts are basically \”bloodbath\” parts, where the Impostor is actively killing members of the crew.\n\n-Part 16 ends on a noise-only bit; get creative with what you do there!\n\n-Characters CAN differ from the Among Us style! They do, however, have to be clearly an Among Us OC/character in some way.\n\n-If we get enough traction, I’ll be opening up a thumbnail contest! This will mainly be if we get the amount of backups that we have participants, as well as some outside interest (Specs and the like).\n\n-DISCORD:\n\n-SONG: Nero’s Day at Disneyland – In Aisles\n\nI DO NOT OWN THE SONG, NOR DO I INTEND TO MAKE PROFIT OFF OF THE FINISHED MAP.\n\nKEY:\n👀 = Not done\n⚠ = WIP seen\n🔪 = Done\n❌ = On hold\n\nPARTS:\n1:\n2:\n3:\n4:\n5:\n6:\n7:\n8:\n9:\n10: Liéniamar Draws 👀\n11:\n12:\n13:\n14: {`Poker Kitten`} 👀\n15:\n16: Liéniamar Draws 👀\n17:\n18:\n19:\n\nBACKUPS:”

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