Mercedes-Benz X-Class for GTA SA android/lite

Pouco tempo atrás foi veiculado pelo canal DeathCreek X o vídeo “Mercedes-Benz X-Class for GTA SA android/lite”.

Segundo informado pelo canal DeathCreek X: “-Mercedes-Benz X-Class-\n\nHey whassup guys I’m back with a Mercedes-Benz X-Class for GTA SA android also for lite which is a luxury pickup truck\n\n⚠This mod works on high end phones\n\n-M O D_S P E C S-\n\n-HQ interior and exterior\n-HQ detailed body and parts\n-HQ engine\n-Includes different types of\n-DFF size 15mb \n-Also for PC\n\n-C R E D I T-\n\nAuthor-SHDru\n\n➡➡➡M O D_F I L E⬅⬅⬅\n\nDownload-\n\n➡➡➡A L S O_W A T C H⬅⬅⬅\n\n▶GTA San Andreas on mobile modding tutorial:\n\n▶GTA San Andreas WWE skins:\n\n▶GTA San Andreas BMW 7 series mod dff only:\n\n▶GTA San Andreas Cleo cheat apk for android:\n\nTHANKZ FOR WATCHINg”

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