My Minecraft House (windows 10, survival, no mods, no cheats)

A Pouco tempo foi publicado através do canal Kate Crawford o vídeo “My Minecraft House (windows 10, survival, no mods, no cheats)”.

Conforme informado pelo canal Kate Crawford: “Here is my current house/town in Minecraft. I have been trying to get as many automated things as possible. Currently I have an automatic furnace, composter, chicken coop, kelp farm, cactus farm, sugar cane farm and pumpkin farm! \n\nHere are some of the tutorials I used. I did change them a little bit to fit my house better, and I added an automatic dispenser to my chicken coop. \n\nkelp farm tutorial –\ncactus farm tutorial –\negg collector tutorial –\nautomatic dispenser tutorial –\u0026t=191s\npumpkin farm tutorial –”

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