NEW FIFA 21 UPDATE 3.1 + New PES 2021 Update 2 Details

Pouco tempo atrás foi divulgado pelo canal Vapex Karma o vídeo “NEW FIFA 21 UPDATE 3.1 + New PES 2021 Update 2 Details”.

Segundo o canal Vapex Karma: “EA has recently announced the new FIFA 21 Title Update 3.1 and i go over its details. I also briefly go over the new things added in PES 2021 Data Pack 2.\n\n🔴 Become a Channel Member here, get exclusive perks: \n \n\n🔴 Get Real Life FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Cards: \n , use code \”vapex\” for 10% off (Affiliate)\n\n🔴 Get A Piemonte Calcio Fan Shirt, Mug and More!:\n\n🔵 10 things you may not know about in FIFA 20 Career Mode:\n\n🔵 8 Things You Should Do in FIFA 20:\n\n🔵 16 things you should do in FIFA 20 career mode:\n\n🔵 10 things you should do if you are bored of fifa 20 career mode:\n\n🔵 Things we want in FIFA 21:\n———————————————————————————–\nFIFA 20 Videos:\n\nFIFA 20 News:\n\nFIFA History:\n———————————————————————————–\nPlease Consider supporting my content on Patreon if you enjoy what i do on YouTube:\n\nImportant Affiliate Links:\n✅ If you want to become a YouTuber like me, TubeBuddy is a must have: \n———————————————————————————–\nThanks to my channel members for your support: Patrick, Trapti, Brandon, Cristian\n———————————————————————————–\n► Twitter: @vapexkarma \n\n► Facebook: @vapexkarma\n\n► Instagram: @vapexkarma\n———————————————————-\n———————————————————-\nProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:\n———————————————————————————-“

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