Players React to Unreleased and Rare Skins on Fortnite

A Alguns minutos foi veiculado através do canal do youtube So Fly Official o vídeo “Players React to Unreleased and Rare Skins on Fortnite”.

Segundo informado pelo canal So Fly Official: “Hello everyone , this video is a compilation of the reactions i got from showing players on Fortnite Unreleased and Rare skins in fortnite (at the time the video was posted). Got some hilarious reactions as always and everyone had a fun time, made there day happier and they get to see what’s coming to fortnite earlier than others 🙌🏼💯. Leave a like and a comment down below if you enjoyed, SHARE THE VIDEO. Subscribe for more content and to join the Flow Gang, Unleash the Beast and Peace 🙂 Stay Strong Flow Gang .\n\nfortnite, fortnite new, fortnite item shop, fortnite update, fortnite unreleased, fortnite leaked, fortnite hypex leaks, fortnite hypex, hypex fortnite leaked skins and emotes, fortnite unreleased skins and emotes, fortnite leaked skins and emotes, fortnite victoria saint skin gameplay, fortnite victoria saint, victoria saint fortntie, fortnite sagan skin gameplay, sagan fortnite skin, fortnite sagan skin, fortnite pink ghoul trooper trolling, fortnite aerial assault trooper trolling, fortnite reactions, fortnite funny, fortnite funny moments, fortnite hilarious moments, fortnite bcc trolling, bcc trolling fortnite, fortnite rare skins, fortnite invisible skin, invisible fortnite skin, fortnite invisible star wars skin, fortnite cloaked skin, fortnite npc, fortntie tbd skins, sagan skin showcase fortnite, victoria saint skin showcase fortnite\n\nDiscord :\n\nFata l Grips Code : Flow Gang [for 10% off]\n( )\nTriumph Chairs Code : Flow Gang [for 10% off]\n(\nRogue Energy Code : FlowwGang [for 10% off]\n(\u0026utm_source=refersion\u0026utm_medium=affiliate\u0026utm_campaign=3822274.024201)\nClothing/Merch :\nSOCIAL MEDIA :\n\nDonate Here :\nJoin my Patreon :\n\nDON\”T CLICK THIS \n;)\n\nSubscribe : \n\n\nI will be posting more of these videos , Vlogs, Skits and More, subscribe to know when I upload and for those who are already subscribed , thank you for joining the Flow Gang, Stay Strong and Unleash the Beast\n\nThank you for reading my description, hope you enjoyed the video!!\n\n#FortniteVictoriaSaint #FortniteUnreleased #FortniteSagan”

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