Roblox Jailbreak Live Stream! – 29/8/20 (2K = Robux Giveaway!)

Foi divulgado pelo canal do youtube Go So Fly o vídeo “Roblox Jailbreak Live Stream! – 29/8/20 (2K = Robux Giveaway!)”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal Go So Fly: “What’s up everyone!\n\n✌️ Welcome to Go So Fly’s stream! ✌\n\n—————————————————————\n\n[RULES]:\n[1] – Do NOT, beg for robux\n[2] – Do not spam (Timeout if you keep)\n[3] – Do not word wall\n[4] – do not bypass the YouTube filter (Mods will remove ur comment And. Timeout if you keep)\n[5] – Do not be Rude to Moderators.\n[6] – Do not start Drama\n[7] – Do not spam in caps\n[8] – Do not Advertise your stuff (Timeout. And a ban if you keep)\n\n————————————————————\n\n🎧 Roblox: GSF_Roblox\n🐦 Twitter:\n👥 Discord:\n👕 Roblox Group:!/about\n💵 Donation:\n📸 Instagram:\n🎮 Xbox: RadGSF1\n\n\nIf you want to donate, you’ll be supporting the stream in the best way possible but this won’t be forceful, the choice is up to you :)\nLet’s game! ;)\n#Roblox #Live #GoSoFly”

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