Shoutout live stream, shoutout wall, sub for sub (sub4sub) prohibited

Poucos minutos atrás foi postado pelo canal do youtube xloss o vídeo “Shoutout live stream, shoutout wall, sub for sub (sub4sub) prohibited”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal xloss: “Hi,\nWelcome to the xloss’s shoutout live stream – Sub4Sub / sub for sub or Exchanging subscribers is strictly prohibited in this stream as it violates Youtube’s Community Guidelines. This stream does not encourage anyone to exchange subscribers with other members,doing so may result in BAN. Subscribe other channels only if you like their content and stuffs.\n🌐 Note for Youtube :\nThis stream does not spam or disregard Youtube’s policy, It just promotes small growing youtubers with their live subscriber counters.\n🔥 Rules\n● Please be respectful to everyone\n● Inappropriate language is not allowed here\n● Exchanging of subscribers may result in Permanent ban from our channel (Sub4Sub is Prohibited)\n\nYou might have found this video by looking up: Fortnite, youtube, howto, how to get views, views, gain views, easy views, fortnight, Fortnite battle royal, fortnite best, fortnite best moments, how to grow your channel, growing amount of views, how to make money,fortnite gameplay, insane trick shots, grow your channel, grow your subscribers,Fortnite battle royal, gameplay, battle royal, gaming, royal, youtube creator, youtubers, or help.\n#sub4sub #shoutout #subforsub, sub4sub,shoutout,shout out,sub 4 sub,pewdiepie vs t series,xloss,sub for sub live,stream,sub for sub live,sub4sub live stream 24/7,sub4sub live,sub for sub,shout out live,shoutout stream,sub4sub live stream,sub 4 sub live,t series vs pewdiepie,free shoutouts live,live shoutouts,shout out live stream,shout out stream,sub for sub live stream 24/7,shoutouts,shoutout live,shoutouts live,pewdiepie vs tseries,live,sub za sub,live stream,tseries v pewdiepie,sub to sub live stream,live sub for sub,sub4sub live stream now,sub for sub stream,sub 4sub,shoutout live stream,sub 4 sub stream,free shoutouts,shoutout wall,live sub4sub,live shoutout,sub4sub stream,shout out stream live,live stream shoutouts,live sub 4 sub,live streams,pewdiepie,free shoutout,free subscribers live stream,grow your channel live stream,pewdiepie vs t series live,sub to sub,#sub4sub,free subscribers live,shout out wall live,livestream,t series vs pewdiepie live,sub4sub livestream,sub live stream,t-series vs pewdiepie,sub for sub live stream now,tseries,sub live,live stream sub for sub,sub 4 sub live stream,live sub for sub stream,gain subscribers,#shoutout,shout out live stream sub4sub,stream,shout out wall,kristx,pewds vs t series,shout outs live,live chat,live streams right now,sub,sub za sub live,sub4 sub,free subs live,pewdiepie vs t-series,youtube shoutouts live,sub trade live,how to grow your youtube channel,pewdiepie t series,pew vs t series,sub for sub livestream,small youtubers,sub stream,sub to sub live,grow your channel,subs for subs live,live sub,live reciproc,youtube shoutouts,abo gegen abo live,free shout out live \nstream,recommended,auto sub\n\nMusic Provided by Lakey Inspired :\n\nSupport LAKEY INSPIRED :\n\n\n\n\nFor Suggestion and complaint mail me : [email protected]\n\n*THIS STREAM IS ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY”

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