So I Made an Among Us Boxfight Map…

Foi veiculado através do canal do youtube Sectastics o vídeo “So I Made an Among Us Boxfight Map…”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal Sectastics: “Today I Made An Among Us Boxfight Map Inside Of Fortnite Battle Royale!\n\n\nAmong us is a game that has recently sprung to one of the most top viewed games on twitch and receives millions of views on youtube, so…… I thought i could incorporate this game into a game i love to play and this is the outcome!!!\n\n\nI have begun to stream over at twitch, link below!!!\n\n———————————————————\nMake Sure To Subscribe!!!\n\n**🔔Enable All Push Notifications🔔**\n\nWatch Sectastics Newest Videos\n\n❤️️Follow Sectastics❤️️\n\n\n\u0026sender_device=pc\u0026sender_web_id=6877048666612844034\u0026is_from_webapp=1\n\n\n\n\n🔴Subscribe🔴\n\nAbout Sectastics👋\n\nI am a youtuber who post’s regular, pranks, forts, challenges and any thing along those lines!!! You won’t regret subscribing to my youtube channel as I post high quallity content and upload on a scheduled basis!\n\nSectastics –”

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