Space Battle: KunPeng – Strike into Space – A Original Minecraft Animation

Poucos minutos atrás foi publicado pelo canal LinsCraft o vídeo “Space Battle: KunPeng – Strike into Space – A Original Minecraft Animation”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo LinsCraft: “‘Kun Peng’ Spaceship\n2015.9—2018.5\nAn original Minecraft fan-made spaceship inspired by Chinese myth and legends. The interior is fully functional. Introduction of the spaceship coming in the next video.\n\nStory:\nAs mankind falls into doom by the dominance of AI, space travel became a history of the past. No longer does mankind dominate the Solar System, and the path to the prosperity of human civilization was forever locked in the surveillance of the Artificial Intelligence. 30 years since the great space battle between the two intelligent beings, humans once more started the plan to reach and take back the stars. A secretive operation is under the way. Shall this be the turning point of this warfare? Or shall this be the final doomed fate for mankind? \n\n\nMessage from our team:\nThank you for viewing this animation that we’ve worked on for the past two years. The building of this space ship took 5 years to complete, and along with this project an original fan-made Minecraft storyline. Special thanks to those who participate in the process of making this possible. \n\nWith that said, enjoy this trip into space, and join in the battle with us to defend the future of mankind! \n\nWe’ve spent countless hours in making this free animation possible for your view. If you like this animation, feel free to like, share, and subscribe to our channel. Your support means a lot to us and motivates us into making more great videos. Thank you. \n\nYou can also visit us at\n\nWe’re also on Minecraft Marketplace! Search ‘LinsCraft’ and learn more!\n\nYou can check out our live feed on Twitter for the latest news @CraftLins”

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