StarBro RAIDED and cqqp Visited! // TOWER OF HELL (68) // ROBUX Giveaway

A Alguns minutos foi postado no canal Riley and Brandon Gaming o vídeo “StarBro RAIDED and cqqp Visited! // TOWER OF HELL (68) // ROBUX Giveaway”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo Riley and Brandon Gaming: “Just Brandon today\n\nRobux Giveaway:\n\nToH VIP Server Link:\n\nIf you’re on computer, use the link in description to join. If you’re mobile, you have to be friends with me (Runsmith14) or change your privacy settings to everyone for the \”who can invite me to a VIP server\” in order to join(I have no more room to add people, sorry!) Xbox can’t join.\n\nWelcome to our channel!! We hope you enjoy the (quality?) content \n~JAB~ THAT LIKE BUTTON and\n~THWACK~ THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON if you are so inclined\n*********************************************************\nSUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out!\nBecome a Youtube Member:\n\nKeep Up To Date with Riley and Brandon\nROBLOX Profile:\nROBLOX GROUP:!/about\nON DISCORD:\nON TWITTER:\nON INSTAGRAM:\n\nThumbnail by Cheeto”

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