THE GREATEST GOAL IN FIFA MOBILE 20?!! – Long-range goal!!

Poucos minutos atrás foi divulgado pelo canal do youtube ITz TrobeY o vídeo “THE GREATEST GOAL IN FIFA MOBILE 20?!! – Long-range goal!!”.

Conforme o canal ITz TrobeY: “➡ Best Teams in FIFA Mobile 20\n\n➡ FIFA Mobile 21\n\n⚫TROBEY MERCH:\n\n⚫Hi there!!My name is TroBey and I upload video every other day!!! I upload different types of games, mostly FIFA MOBILE!! Sometimes tutorials too!!!Im Youtuber who like to make videos and if you like them then you should probably subscribe for more!\nIf you have any questions let me know in the comment down below or contact me on Twitter or Instagram ⤵\n\n➡Follow me on Instagram\n › itztrobey\n\n➡Follow me on Twitter : (@ITz_Trobey):\n\n⚫SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL :\n\n\n➡️ALSO CHECK OUT MY 2ND CHANNEL – Troby –\n\nThanks for watching, if you enjoyed a like would be awesome and subscribe for more!!!\n\n\n_TroBey_”

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