The New Neighbors | Dota 2 Comic Dub #3

Foi divulgado através do canal do youtube AngerMania o vídeo “The New Neighbors | Dota 2 Comic Dub #3”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal AngerMania: “\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThe new neighbors is the third dota 2 comic. Its the one about crystal maiden and winter wyvern. Thank you so much to my boy Nigel for the perfect voice acting! You can read the comic here:\n\nHeres the links to my series:\nDota 2 hero lore:\nDota Anthropology:\nDota Cosmology:\nUnderlords \u0026 Artifact:\nComic dubs:\n\nIm angermania, and i love dota 2, artifact and dota underlords. I make lore videos about all of the games, often mixing them and sometimes seperately. I have been playing artifact and underlords since launch, and dota 2 since january 2014. (although i dont play dota as much as i play artifact and underlords) \nIm a huge valve fan, and i admit it, i suffer from brand loyalty.”

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