What is VAC? How the Controversy Around Valve s Answer to Cheating Changed CS:GO

Minutos atrás foi divulgado no canal theScore esports o vídeo “What is VAC? How the Controversy Around Valve’s Answer to Cheating Changed CS:GO”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo canal theScore esports: “Competitive integrity is an important part of esports. If someone is cheating, they don’t just invalidate their own achievements, but also those of their teammates. And even respected pro players on top teams have risked it all by turning to hacks to improve their performance.

But it would be nearly impossible to follow through on cheating allegations without some sort of detection system, and Valve Anti-Cheat — or VAC — is exactly that.

Produced, Written & Hosted by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Produced, Shot & Edited by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)

Footage & Image credits:

Thumbnail image of Fnatic’s flusha, Olofmeister, JW and Krimz courtesy of ESEA (https://play.esea.net/)

Forsaken aim-lock twitch clip

Corutesy: eXTREMESLAND Asia

Forsaken Stage footage:

Courtesy: eXTREMESLAND Asia

DH Stockholm CSGO: Grand Final LDLC vs. Titan Map 3

Courtesy: DreamHack

“My VAC Account” video

Courtesy: Veteran Affairs Canada (YouTube)

kennyS AWP flick vs. NiP’s f0rest
Courtesy: Twitch.tv/DreamHackCS

How to report people in Overwatch

Courtesy: JayWaddy (YouTube)

Hack Vs Hack! : CSGO no VAC server

Courtesy: Ritlan (YouTube)

What it’s like to be VAC Banned in TF2

Courtesy: Disk Jockey J

Hackers on vac free server! Voice trolling 😀
Courtesy: OleNaess (YouTube)

Sir Billy Connolly:”F*** off means f*** off!”

Courtesy: Mudflap Films / Rainstorm Entertainment

Emilio [Team Property] VAC Banned on Stream

Courtesy: Fragbitecom (YouTube)

A Night at the Roxbury “Emilio” clip
Courtesy: SNL Studios

RedEye: “Brutal, Savage, Rekt”

Courtesy: Valve Corporation

GuardiaN AWP play

Courtesy: DreamHack

JW AWP ace vs. LDLC

Courtesy: DreamHack

GeT_RiGhT pistol jumping headshot

Courtesy: ESL

Frankenstein Torch-Wielding Mob scene

Courtesy: Universal Pictures

Footage of Fnatic players @ ESL Cologne 2015 grand finals

Courtesy: ESL

‘Reflections’ with flusha (CS:GO)

Courtesy: Thorin

Fnatic vs. NiP ESL One Katowice 2015 Grand Final – Map 3

Courtesy: ESL

s1mple wallbang vs. Mouseports
Courtesy: StarLadder

VAC Power Shot – Miracle- WR

Courtesy: StarLadder

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